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Building up to the 100th episode of the Major Spoilers Podcast, the crew took the time to test out their systems, to see what works, and what doesn’t work. Last week, the trio of Matthew, Rodrigo, and Stephen took recorded an episode that went up on Ustream, the Major Spoilers site, and much more. For those of you who missed it, here is the result.


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Music from this episode comes from Armin Brewer (intro) and James Kennison (closing) from the Nobody’s Listening Podcast. A big thanks to both of these guys for creating kick-ass music for the show!

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Stephen Schleicher began his career writing for the Digital Media Online community of sites, including Digital Producer and Creative Mac covering all aspects of the digital content creation industry. He then moved on to consumer technology, and began the Coolness Roundup podcast. A writing fool, Stephen has freelanced for Sci-Fi Channel's Technology Blog, and Gizmodo. Still longing for the good ol' days, Stephen launched Major Spoilers in July 2006, because he is a glutton for punishment. You can follow him on Twitter @MajorSpoilers and tell him your darkest secrets...


  1. About the Star Trek movie, reading the Countdown Comic before is highly recomended.

    Here’s a “short” summary:

    It details the story of Nero, which actually started years AFTER the events of Nemesis.

    Nero, a simple captain of a mining ship find himself helping Ambasador Spock and Ambasador Picard to stop a star about to go supernova. Said star would actually grow with every celestial body it destroys and if not stopped would claim the Romulan Empire first, before endengaring the rest of the universe. Nero was actually one of the few that wanted peace with the Vulcans and had a wife and unborn son, both of which died after the bureaucrats of both Vulcan and Romulus delayed Spock’s plan to destroy the star with a manmade black hole by sending red matter into the heart of the star. Nero goes berzerk and finds the survivors of the Romulan council and kills them all (the trident thingy is actually the Preator’s staff, the equivalent of a king’s crown), but not before getting information on a secret weapons facility and destroying 3 federation medical ships that had come to help the Rolumans. At the weapons facility he has his ship, the Narada, modified with Romulan customised Borg tech that adapts and even anticipates problems. He then goes on a rampage on his way to Vulcan which he vowed to destroy if Romulus was lost and after destroying a fleet of Klyngon ships lead by Worf he arrives a few moment after Spock creates the “black hole” and he’s sucked into it and so did Spockwe are left to presume.

    It also has some guest appearences: Data back from the dead thanks to his download to B4 now captain of the Enterprise, Geordie who created the ship that Spock used to approach the supernova after he left Starfleet and Worf now a Klyngon general.

    We also see Nero reading up on Star Fleet captains and we learn that their facial tattos are actually part of Romulan mourning rituals were you painted your grief and loss on your face (they are symbols of both love and loss) and once it faded away the time for grieving would end, but since their pain would never go away they chose to have the symbols burned deep into their skin.

  2. RIcco, thanks for that synopsis, might try and pick it up in trade. Didn’t realise it was so closely tied to the film.
    I did wonder why a mining ship had missiles etc!
    Loved the film. I think the Spock/Uhura relationship was just an in your face way of saying ‘things are different to what you have seen before’.
    And was it just me or did Simon Peggs Scottish accent vary from strong to almost non-existent?

  3. Yes Pegg’s accent varied enormously from scene to scene. It may be useful to note that there are at least two to three scottish accents, and that Simon Pegg just isn’t from round there.
    Well if you need proof that he just isn’t that great at disguising his voices squint real hard and you’ll find him speaking with an american twint in Band of Brothers.
    (I did like his Scotty though.)

  4. yeah, there are a few Scottish accents but an actor should be able to pick one and stick to it! As he’s English (like myself), he’ll have heard enough Scottish people in his life (probably yelling abuse at us English!)
    My only real criticism of the plot was that ‘Spock-prime’ has too much air time and helps young Kirk+Scotty a bit too much.

  5. russ: Pegg was given speech lessons by his wife, who is Scottish.

    Matthew: I got your Bloom County reference! I’ve been reading the colelcted editions since I was 10! You’re not alone!

    Anyone: Since we now have a sort of ‘Ultimate Star Trek’, who’d like to see some wacky character and cast changes in future? How about Steve Carell as Data, or Alan Arkin as Picard? Maurice LaMarche as Khan!

  6. Wow, I sounded like such a tool when I called in…

    Thanks for the synopsis for countdown Ricco. I’ve been trying to get ahold of it… but I aleted my LCS too late to get it in… sad.. :(

  7. Oh… and I did a test run of the lens flare drinking game…. it didn’t end well… started with a (whatever the largest size Wendys sells) Dr Pep…. and the Kelvin lasted longer than my drink… >_>

    So yeah… that’s a dangerous one… tons of drinking… then sobering… followed by tons of drinking…. Repeat for 2 hours

  8. I disliked “Countdown” for giving a definitive answer to the lingering plot thread at the end of “Nemesis”. I would have far preferred to imagine that B-4 ‘grow up’ as his own android, learning his own lessons and building on Data’s, rather than just be Data in a new body.

    But, hey, since when have tie-in comics ever actually made any difference to anything they tie-in with?

  9. Someone asked about the Crimson Avenger changing his costume from suit to tights and being a giant.

    CA did switch to tights in the 1940s, around the time Sandman and Manhunter did it. I don’t know the exact issue, but he’s shown in tights in Leading Comics #1 (Winter 1941-42), in the first Seven Soldiers of Victory story.

    Stephen’s claim that thus switching to tights signals the shift from the Golden Age to the Silver Age, or at least to a Silver Age attitude, is bogus. That would put all World War II comics into the Silver Age.

    The story the reader remembered with CA and Wing becoming giants and crashing through a castle was probably from Adventure Comics #440 (July 1975), a printing of a previously unpublished Seven Soldiers script from the Golden Age but with art by then-modern DC artists. Mike Grell did the CA story, according to

    • Hi Chris,
      Yeah, Matthew shut me down on that pretty quick. My claim for that was because I didn’t have the year that story was published in front of me at the time. I would have called b-shit on me too if I had the data.

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