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Tyrese Gibson, the Multi-Platinum selling R&B singer and mega-star behind Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Death Race and 2 Fast 2 Furious, comes full force to comics with ANGEL artist Tone Rodriguez and co-writers Mike Le & William Wilson in August’s three-issue action packed thriller, MAYHEM!

“I am extremely excited to be working with Image Comics on the launching my debut comic book MAYHEM,” Gibson said.  “Image has a long and rich history of great titles and I am honored to be apart of that history.  Robert Kirkman’s and Eric Stepheson’s input throughout this creative process has been invaluable and I know we’ve produced a special comic book for all fans to enjoy.”

Mayhem01_Cover.jpgTyrese Gibson’s MAYHEM begins on the streets of Los Angeles, wherein a brutal crime wave led by the mysterious Big X has the entire city in a state of perpetual fear. With even the police force unable to stop him, MAYHEM, a faceless vigilante with only his partner Malice and an unrelenting vengeance to back him up, strikes back against the  criminal hordes. Within three issues of non-stop action, they will take on Big X to dismantle his organization and restore peace to the City of Angels.

Image Comics Chief Operating Officer and WALKING DEAD writer Robert Kirkman added, “With the entertainment world at large currently bowing at the feet of comics and its ideas, it’s incredibly exciting to have a media mastermind like Tyrese Gibson turning his attention our way. MAYHEM is a unique, engaging comic-book experience that could only come from the mind of someone who’s risen to the top of so many different fields–anxious to take another by storm. Ready or not, Tyrese Gibson is in the house–and it’s going to be MAYHEM!”

MAYHEM #1, a thirty-two page full color comic book for $2.99, will be in stores August 5th.

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  1. I think more quasi-famous-singers-turned-actors should do more bad comics.

    “Tyrese Gibson, the Multi-Platinum selling R&B singer and mega-star” Whose line is that? Did Stephen write that? I’m sending him my resume to update if he did.

  2. I HATE when singers/rappers get choice roles instead of trained actors. So Tyrese generally irritates me because I don’t like his music, he gets paid to portray the same kind of character again and again (thus keeping more three dimensional actors out of work), AND he reportedly snagged the role of Luke Cage. So initially my reaction to seeing “Tyrese” and “megastar” in the same sentence was negative.

    But considering someone once gave Britney spears a movie, someone gave Emenem a comic book (where were the complaints?), and add to that all the opportunities afforded so many untalented “pop stars” heretofore. .. I commend Tyrese’s management team for doing this.
    When less-than-platinum selling Pop singers (lip synchers) do something like this to extend their brand, where are the complaints? Whether you like him or not, Tyrese IS a Multi-Platinum singer. Maybe you and I don’t have his CDs but somebody does. And he HAS starred in profitable/blockbuster movies.

    Anybody who looks like him has to keep hustling and looking making his own opportunities until and unless he gets into Will Smith/Morgan Freeman/ nonthreatening mainstream territory.

  3. Tyrese, if you are reading this…MAYHEM seems real fresh and original…with the guns and crime story and all. Way to take a stand with this unique opportunity you’ve been given. I guess you figured if anyone’s gonna stereotype and marginalize you and your image, then dammit let it be YOU who does it.

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