Television Icons square off in this installment of the Major Spoilers Poooooolllll of the Week!  Offered up by loyal Major Spoilerite Lifeisaglitch, this week we send into the ring two classic and beloved actors; Adam West, best known for his role as Batman in the 1960’s television series, and William Shatner, who has already been the target of our poll in the past (yeah, get your mind out of the gutter).  Two will enter, one will leave.  Who will it be?


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  1. I had to vote for West, while Shatner asked those important questions like, “What does god need with a space ship?” West proved that “Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb.”

  2. Lifeisaglitch on

    If we are talking Batman VS Kirk, Batman wins….Thats his thing see.
    If we are talking West VS Shatner, West takes all for being just as funny as Shatner but much less of a diva.

    Thats 2/2..Okay 2/3, Shatner has the better sidekick.

    But I really dont see how Shatner is in the lead on this….AND ON A COMIC BOOK SITE!
    The influence of Trek streches fare and wide in the Geek-o-sphere. But seriously guys Nimoy maybe but Shatner cannot take on West, the man had his own episode of Johnny Bravo for Christ sake AND AAAAAAAND he has a cat-launcher. Let that sink in…A CAT LAUNCHER!

    A CAT LAUNCHER: It launches cats!

    This is his Cat Launcher!


    That was his Cat Launcher!


  3. James Tiberius Kirk, The Big Giant Head and Denny Crane Vs Bruce Wayne/Batman and the Mayor of Quahog. What’s with the “choose which of your children gets to live” poll? Not cool…

    While Batman and Kirk sorta cancel eachother out, Adam West the Mayor beats the alien crap out of The Big Giant Head. But Denny Crane gives Shatner the win in my opinion, I just loved his “I’m an American I should be allowed and able to resolve any problem with a gun, be it a panhanddler in the streets or a disgruntled employee at work” attitude.

  4. Hitman Sam on

    This is the first poll since finding this site that I won’t be participating in. I just can’t decide.

  5. brainypirate on

    Adam West wins for being mayor of Quahog — Shatner would have to embrace his inner Rocketman to beat Mayor West!

  6. shatner battled every sort of living being in the universe so he would knock West on his ass without leaving the green alien female he’s banging at the moment of the battle.

  7. Dan Hunter on

    Shatner Vs West
    Round 1: Personality
    Can I retell my story about Shatner soullessly and cruelly crushing put down when I asked him for a photo whilst in Kula Lumper?
    0-1 to West

    Round two: Written Skills
    Due to his dismissal of me – I have avoided all exposure to the man (including Boston Legal) which has saved me from his B Shit Kirk fan fiction that he continually spews out.
    Have you read the West’s memoirs of the making of the batman TV show? Excellent and hysterical reading.
    0-2 to West

    Round Three: Star Trek 5
    0-3 to West

    Round Four: Cultural Resonance
    Adam West’s portrayal of Batman resonated throughout the world and has helped make the Dark Knight one of the most recognizable characters out there. Whilst Kirk sits on the firmly in the geek camp
    0-4 To West

    It’s a knock out to West!

    Oh and Did I mention Shatner dismissed me whilst vacationing in Kula Lumper? Did i mention how rough he looked without all that make up?
    My wife tells me to let it go and seek therapy :-)

  8. I have to go w/ Shatner on this one. Two reasons: 1) When West throws a punch, it gets caught in the Shat’s fat. 2) William Shatner is still fresh in my mind, and the last good thing I saw Adam West in was The Drew Carey Show as a homosexual boarder.

    Still West is in my top for Batmen.

  9. Adam West.

    Shatner is charismatic and played Capn Kirk well, but West is just too damn funny and self effacing to not vote for.

  10. I’m still voting for Mayor West, but I have to give Shat props for the way he says “namby-pamby” in the Priceline commercial….

    Besides, Shat still has to atone for that Rocketman performance (so deliciously mocked by Stewart G. Griffin).

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