So the movie officially opened this past weekend, and brought in an estimated $87 million in the United States.  For those who saw it in the theater, now it’s time for you to tell us what you thought?  Better or worse than expected?  Would you see another Wolverine feature film?

And for those that illegally downloaded the film (and the FBI knows who you are), did you also go and see it in the theater?  Was it radically different than what you downloaded?

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  1. It was about what I had expected. Excellent action but a little thin/confusing on the plot. I liked tie ins like his motorcycle jacket even though it didn’t make sense that he retained it. Some of the best effects ever imo. The agent 0 magazine change and Deadpool cutting the bullet in 2 among the coolest things I’ve ever seen in a movie. 3.5 slices of meatloaf for me.

  2. Well, I went into Wolverine with low expectations. So i was surprised it wasnt crappy at all. As a movie fan it was good, as a comic book fan it was just……meh. Some of the scenes were really well done. All the war flash backs were pretty cool. The scene in which Wolverine gets his adamantium was pretty cool, i expected a more savage killing spree after he woke up though.
    As for the casting Ryan Reynolds was pretty funny, but i thought it would be alot more sarcastic humor and more of it. He barely said anything(granted he was in the movie like 15 mins) Liev Schriever played the hell out of Sabertooth, I think he did the best in the film.
    As for the story, it was pretty dumb. I was sorely dissapointed with most of the mutants skills, Cyclops doesnt shoot fire out of his eyes, Deadpool cant twirl swords really fast, Gambit doesnt have super strength enabling him to push wood into brick. Weapon XI(Deadpool)didnt make any sense at all. He had Cyclops kinetic beam, whoever the hell played(CANT ACT) phasing powers, and a couple of claws. The ending with the adamantium bullets was downright silly. Deux ex machina anyone? Overall, it was not a Iron Man, or Dark Knight, just another comic movie that was great for movie watchers and meh for comic book fans.

  3. The movie was formulaic. Of course the rivals are going to team up against the bigger threat! Of course the love interest kicks the bucket! Of course the black guy dies! But for all that, it was very enjoyable. Liev Schreiber I think was the best actor, or at least the biggest surprise. I was saddened that Gambit and Deadpool didn’t have a bigger role in the movie, and I’m upset that Kayla used her dying breath to inflict a mild punishment on Stryker. Still, the action sequences were fun, Wolverine and Deadpool had some nice one-liners, and for anyone who wants to see a badass go-it-alone Wolverine film, this is for you.

  4. Deadpool. Come on. Why mess with such a potentially great property. I think Ryan Reynolds would have been good in the role, if they hadnt ruined it.

    And bullets to the head? Stoopid.

  5. Sabertooth stole the film. I mostly thought it was good except for the total waste of Ryan Ryenolds as Wade. Why waste such great casting on 15 minutes of movie and a couple of lines. The “Deadpool” at the end was a crappy bad guy, they should have just used Mimic. The after the credits shot of the headless deadpool still being alive was OK.

  6. Ok so I saw the movie this past Saturday and I have admit, for a summer action flick, I really liked it. I got pretty sucked in by a decent story and good characters. Now granted, the fight scenes had your typical slo mo garbage at some points, but I really liked the overall flow of the movie and I thought Liev Schreiber was awesome as Sabretooth. Err I mean Victor. They also did not cheese out Gambit or do Deadpool wrong. NO corny lines (for those two at least), bad scripting and the characters were all played with a sense of normalcy for a super hero film.

    I went in thinking this movie would be the next Daredevil but ended up really liking it by the time I left and actually wanting more as it went on. To see Cyclops and the other mutants as young kids was really cool as well (well…teenagers at least).

    I don’t want to give too many spoilers but that fight scene on top of the nuclear reactor silo was pretty intense. The film could have been worse and it has some cliched fight scenes but I think it accomplished its goal easily. A fun, fast summer comic book based film that delivered for nerds like me. Hey I look at it this way. A couple of years ago the big May film was 10,000 BC. You tell me which film you would rather see.

    I could pick apart some comic inconsistencies but what fan couldn’t in a movie that has to condense all this storyline and plot.

  7. As with many comic movies they percolate down a crap tonne of material into a 2 hour movie. There were things wrong with sure. He should have called him runt not Jimmie, Gambit should have had a much heavier accent, SWORDS IN THE ARMS? I mean really? And where was Stan the man? shredding a fire escape?

    Still I hope there is more on dvd or something. And I really want a Deadpool movie.

  8. Didn’t expect a very cerebral movie and, as such, was not that dissapointed. It was an entertaining, but overall quite forgettable movie. Some of the dialogue was horrible, they seemed to just have wanted to put in some oneliners which made little to no sense. Some of the cuts were also very bad. Gambit reentering the fight in the alley came out of nowhere (dunno if that was only in the German edit of the movie, they might have cut out some scenes inbetween).
    Also, we didn’t get the Deadpool-after-the-credits scene, but a very boring Wolvie-drinking-to-forget scene.
    Some of the action sequences were nice, though. And Gambit had some cool scenes (I think he used his power (little explosions) to climb up the wall, not super-strength).
    Liev Schreiber is a good actor, but he couldn’t fight the script…

  9. P.S.: I was also surprised at the good title sequence. I wonder if that was an influence by the Watchmen opening montage which received a lot of applause.

  10. I posted this on another site, so pardon the weird phrasing:

    OK, good stuff first.

    – Reynolds as Wade was spot- on. Notice I differentiate between Wade and “Deadpool.”
    – The little kid James looked like a little Jackman. Good casting there.
    – The inclusion of Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch (?), Toad, and Sunfire as captured kids (kid with white hair strung up and “super- shaking,” chick with red streak in hair (?), green kid with tounge, asian kid being frozen in his cell)
    – Alkalie Lake looked like it did in X1 and X2.

    The bad:
    – Agent Zero shouldn’t be able to jump like that, and Gambit shouldn’t have the strength to stick his half- staves a brick wall and climb up it like Spider- Man.
    – The little attempts at humor. Don’t get me wrong, I love comedy, but this flick didn’t make it work for me.
    – “Deadpool.”
    – The CG was dreck. The scene where Logan’s checking out his shiny new claws in the old folk’s bathroom… his claws looked awful. The lighting was off… it almost looked like an unfinished print of the CG claws.
    – “Emma” looked bad. Instead of one chunk of diamond, she looked like she truned into a pile of fake rhinestones. For those of you who would get this, she look like she had been Bedazzled.
    – Prof X and the chopper looked sickeningly fake. Almost unnaturally fake.
    – For that matter, Prof X didn’t need to be in the film at all. Totally unnessary.

    The best part was the trailer for Star Trek… I didn’t realize Simon Pegg was Scotty!

  11. Well, they got some things right, some things wrong. Really my own personal biggest gripe (aside from Logan not being a ‘runt’ whatsoever) was the glossing over of the actual Weapon X experiment (should’ve used Windsor-Smith’s MCPs run as a shot by shot guide) and the aftermath of the experiment (should’ve been a feral beast and spent more time on him recovering his humanity). These are key focal points that got about 10 minutes of film time.

    Otherwise, I wasn’t nearly as disappointed as I had feared going in.

  12. @Hitman
    That who scene with Prof X was completely CG Mr.Stuart only give his voice

    I agree that Reynolds as Wade was spot- on that whole scene in the elevator was great(i don’t know what end you got i saw the one with Wade)so here to a deaspool movie

  13. The movie was utter @$#%^. What they did with Deadpool was unforgivable. The bullet in the head was plain stupid. Only good thin in this movie was that Schreiber made Sabertooth a real villain and not the lame snarling idiot we saw in the first X-Men movie (Fox is really going to have to explain that).

    Oh I almost forgot, the whole Gambit thing, lame. Cyclops, even lamer. Prof X at the end – CGI horror.

    They better find some way to fix Deadpool.

  14. It was a great action flick with a lot of pay off. I remember watching the other X-men movies and being disappointed by the lack of focus and flatness of action scenes. In the other movies, people just twirled around, then some powers were highlighted. Though this movie had that as well, most action sequences were intricate and enjoyable, taking advantage of multiple powers and their uses.
    If they did make another Wolverine movie I’d probably go watch it, but I’d prefer it if they let off him for a while. He’s the most over used character in comics, and I’ve had enough of him sense the 90’s. Plus, he’s basically been the star of 4 X-men movies, so I think the focus should go to someone else for a while.
    Leaving this movie I wanted to watch the Gambit or Deadpool movie. Both characters were well down and the actors were great. They did kinda screw up Deadpool, but he’s fixable and I would definitely go watch that movie. Gambit was great and I was glad that his accent wasn’t offensive. I hated the 90’s cartoon voice and with me being a true Cajun from the heart of Cajun country, it always bugged me when people referred to him as being Cajun. He is in fact most likely Creole in descent. That being said though, his accent wasn’t cheesy or cliched and it did sound like it was from South Louisiana. (Just so everyone knows, most Cajuns don’t live or come from New Orleans. The majority of Cajuns live two hours away from New Orleans. Creole’s can come from the Big Easy though, along with other places.)

  15. I didn’t regret seeing it but I don’t want to see it again, all in all, just a big fat OK. My points:

    1. Ryan Reynolds was awesome.

    2. There were too many horrible cgi scenes that pulled me right out of the movie. The scene at the end where a bunch of kids are running to a helicopter in the woods did NOT need to require so much CG.

    3. Isn’t this wolverines origin? Do we really need to have all of these other characters?

    4. Story-wise, it’s kind of a mess. The parts where there could have been some really good character development (like the encounter with zero and the downed chopper) are instead spent on ridiculous hollywood cliche’s (really? You are so hard core that you really aren’t aren’t aware of the GIANT FREAKING EXPLOSION happening behind you? Oh wait, I get it, you just don’t care…)

    5. Could they have made cyclops out to be any more of a pansy than they did? Why didn’t they just put him in a dress?


    7. The action scenes for the most part were fun, nothing ground breaking but still fun. (Horrible CG moments aside, yes I’m talking about the fire escape scene…)

    8. The opening credits were really well done – totally enjoyable.

    9. Did I say Ryan Reynolds was really good?

  16. I thought Kitsch did a good job as Gambit. Accent was pretty good, like a previous poster said not too over done. I also am not a big fan when you hear people doing a “cajun” that sounds harsh all of the time. A good friend of mine who lives in Baton Rogue and raised in the area does have an accent but it’s not in your face all the time.

    The bullet to the head causing memory loss thing doesn’t bother me. What did was the fact that Stryker shot him trying to wipe his memory???? Why couldn’t it have been:

    “I’m going to try and kill him by shooting him in the head with these wonderful bullets”
    “that won’t kill him..”
    ” I can try!”

    Or something like that and have it be an unexpected conscequence that he loses his memory. The way he announced it before was dumb. There was no way he’d know what would happen if he tried to blow his brains away.

    Reynolds was good as Deadpool, but hopefully they pull his “new” powers back if they make a Deadpool sequel.

  17. I like the whole team X part even though they were some bit ridiculous versions and I LOVED Ryan Reynolds as wade before he becomes coo coo deadpool like when he is being all talking all the time and being great , but then they ruined him and like uhh BULLETS IN THE HEAD MAKE YOU FORGET WHAT THE HELL ! pretty ranty comment but geeze louise guys oh also Wolverine was a little baby ! the whole movie !

  18. Brother129 on

    I agree with mostly everyone above. It’s a weird day in my universe when my wife (think about a naked Hugh Jackman) likes a super hero movie more than I do. Please give Ryan Reynolds a super hero movie already….

  19. MaximusRift on

    I already gave comments in the forums, but I’ll give a short version here.

    Movie was okay. Not better than Dark Knight.
    Renolds as Wade = good. Baraka version of Deadpool = bad. just in the movie to contribute to bad Deadpool.
    Logan/Creed walked over everybody in the fight scenes.
    All other mutants in the movie were crap-a-fied, but that’s what Logan writers do anyways.
    No sequel, please. Make a movie of the original 5.

    Well, that’s it. I really hope they do a movie with the original X-men since they are the reason that Wolverine has a franchise to horde.

  20. Okay here is what i dont understand from the comments above. This is a Wolverine movie and I thought it was very good. I will go see it again. Even though I am a comic book fan, fans really need to get over things not being as they are in the comice books. These movies have come a long way since the first Batman movie/s. Get over it and stop bitching. Just enjoy the movie and stop nit picking at it. Case in point being the other mutants. This is not a movie about them so why the hell would i want to see any character development and a lot of time focused on Emma Frost or Cyclops? Lets hope that this will be the beginning of the end of the original X movies. Those were crap.

  21. PROS:
    *Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson , though nowhere near enough of him.
    *Intro sequence, in particular Sabretooth springing on all fours into a bunker was particularly memorable.
    *Liev Schreiber as Sabretooth
    *Casting of wolverine’s “fathers”
    *Fred Dukes, both pre and post Burger King.

    *Deadpool. DISGRACEFUL! The character designer who came up with that little gem should be decapitated and thrown down a nuclear silo. Why the freakin’ heck would you cover up Ryan Reynolds mouth?! WTF!!!!
    *Gambit. The coolest mutant of the 90s is now the most pathetic mutant of the 2000s.
    *Will. I. Am… Can. He. Act?
    *The CGI in general was about 5 years behind the standard of today’s blockbusters. I know I’m dissing my fellow Australians at Rising Sun, but come on, I’ve seen telemovies with better gloss.
    *The lack of inflicted blood… Wolverine jams his claws right into sabretooth’s chest towards the end and pulls them out… all I could notice was a pair of pristine virginous claws shining back at me… really ruined the moment for me. Had that same Disney violence shtick to it that screwed up my enjoyment of Die Hard 4.

  22. MaximusRift on


    All everybody’s doing is voicing their opinion. It’s not right or wrong, it’s just an opinion. You think that the Wolverine movie is the greatest thing since sliced bread? Fine. Still YOUR opinion. In fact, the general consensus of almost everyone who criticized was that it was a decent action movie. Not good enough for you? Tough. That’s their opinion, not yours.

    BTW, the point being made about Emma & Cyclops isn’t that they should have had more lines, it’s that they shouldn’t have been in the movie at all. If they could make up a mutant character for, the could have made up other token mutants for the movie and not crap on somebody fave character.

  23. Before some one is commenting on my opinions someone needs to do some research into the movie iteself and the characters. The character was actually a comic book character that was in the Wolverine origins. Did no one look into that ? I guess not. Some people just dont take the time out to do any bit of digging into the facts. And his acting was fine for the brief part that he had. Hell, anyone can just do a search on wikipedia and found this out. Get your facts straight before trying to call someone out.

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