Art Appreciation Moment of the Day: Paul Sizer


Once again, it all returns to hot girls and boobies.  I couldn’t leave the female heroes out of the week, and wrapping it all up in this installment is a piece by Paul Sizer.

Warm up for this week’s Warren Ellis REMAKE/REMODEL project.
This week: Domino Lady, a (very lame) wealthy socialite whose lawyer father gets shot and killed, so she dons a backless evening gown and a domino mask, gets her gun and goes out to fight crime. Best part: when she gets money from wealthy bad guys, she takes her cut and gives the rest to charity!
Attempting to make her less lame will be a challenge, but I had this initial image in my head, and needed to get it out before working on my actual concept. So, GO DECO!

Freehand MX for the original vector art, PhotoShop for the shading, textures and color adjustment. 1 hour.

If Paul’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he did that awesome Kick Nazi Ass! piece from a few weeks ago.

via Deviant Art