Boom! Studios has released the solicitation information and cover images for titles arriving in July 2009.

file_11_45.jpgfile_11_46.jpgPOE (A)
Written by J. Barton Mitchell
Drawn by Dean Kotz

SC, 24 pgs, FC, (1 of 4), SRP: $3.99
Diamond Code: MAY090723

Everyone knows that Poe created the detective genre, but did you know he was a detective himself? Finally the secret can be revealed for the first time! Enter the world of POE and follow the famous author of darkness as he tracks the killer of his brother’s friend. Supernatural adventure for fans of books like HELLBOY! “Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.” –Edgar Allan Poe

file_11_58.jpgfile_11_57.jpgfile_11_59.jpg28 DAYS LATER #1 (A)
28 DAYS LATER #1 (B)
28 DAYS LATER #1 (C)
Written by Michael Alan Nelson
Drawn by Declan Shalvey

SC, 24 pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99
Diamond Code: MAY090724
COVER A: Tim Bradstreet
COVER B: Sean Phillips
COVER C: Brett Weldele

Alex Garland, screenwriter of 28 DAYS LATER, lays out a story connecting the film 28 DAYS LATER to its sequel 28 WEEKS LATER in a new ongoing series! Focusing on Selena, on of the three survivors of the first film, as she embarks on an epic journey of Selena’s return to Great Britain! Co-written by HEXED and FALL OF CTHULHU’s Michael Alan Nelson and drawn by newcomer sensation Declan Shalvey.

file_11_47.jpgZOMBIE TALES 2061 (ONE SHOT)
Written by Kim Krizan
Drawn by Jon Reed

SC, 24 pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99
Diamond Code: MAY090726

The living dead walk among us! Zombies have taken over the planet! Humans only exist as novelty attractions…or worse. But today is the day of revolution and soon the tide will turn on undead supremacy! Academy Award-nominated writer Kim Krizan (BEFORE SUNRISE, BEFORE SUNSET) presents a zombie epic like no other! Ripped from the pages of the critically acclaimed Zombie Tales anthology! Collected in one volume for the first time!

file_11_49.jpgfile_11_48.jpgDEAD RUN #2 (A)
Written by Andrew Cosby, Michael Alan Nelson
Drawn by Francesco Biagini

SC, 24 pgs, FC, (2 of 4), SRP: $3.99
Diamond Code: MAY090727

“All Speed. No Limits.” The end isn’t near… it’s here. America has become a wasteland, leaving the few cities that remain transformed into impenetrable fortresses. NICK MASTERS a driver, the best there is. If you need something picked-up, delivered, or disposed of, Nick’s your man. But when he fails to deliver… all hell breaks loose. Part two of the epic saga that redefines the science fiction action genre. From the writer of HEXED and FALL OF CTHULHU, Michael Alan Nelson, collaborating for the first time with EUREKA creator Andrew Cosby!

file_12_32.jpgfile_12_31.jpgDO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP #2 (A)
Written by Philip K. Dick
Drawn by Tony Parker

SC, 32 pgs, FC, (2 of 24), SRP: $3.99
Diamond Code: MAY090728

Worldwide best-selling sci-fi author Philip K. Dick’s award-winning DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP? – the basis for the film BLADE RUNNER – comes to comics in an innovative, ground-breaking 24-issue maxi-series with the full text fully illustrated. In 2021 Earth is a far uglier place. Most humans are on Mars but Deckard’s back home, among the wretched. See San Francisco as its denizens try to live in the aftereffect of World War Terminus. If they think human life is hard, try being an android among the masses…

file_11_51.jpgUNKNOWN #3 (A)
Written by Mark Waid
Drawn by Minck Oosterveer

SC, 24 pgs, FC, (3 of 4), SRP: $3.99
Diamond Code: MAY090729

She has solved every mystery known to man. But there is one mystery that remains… UNKNOWN! Boarding a speeding train of horrors is the only way that Catherine and Doyle can find the next clue in their mystery of the afterlife. A new original mini-series from Mark (KINGDOM COME) Waid in the vein of RUSE with EXCALIBUR’s Minck Oosterveer.

file_11_56.jpgUNTHINKABLE #3
Written by Mark Sable
Drawn by Julian Totino Tedesco

SC, 24 pgs, FC, (3 of 5), SRP: $3.99
Diamond Code: MAY090730

Nobody believed novelist Alan Ripley when he revealed he created UNTHINKABLE terror scenarios for the government. Now the CIA doesn’t just believe him – they blame him. Can he survive interrogation in time to stop his next nightmare from coming true? Only writer Mark (TWO-FACE YEAR ONE, CYBORG) Sable and artist Julian Tedesco know for sure.

file_11_53.jpgfile_11_52.jpgFALL OF CTHULHU: NEMESIS #4 (A)
Written by Michael Alan Nelson
Drawn by Todd Herman

SC, 24 pgs, FC, (4 of 4), SRP: $3.99
Diamond Code: MAY090731

FALL OF CTHULHU: NEMESIS concludes in this issue, as it must, with all-out war between man and Gods for the fate of Atlantis! Nyarlathotep’s despicable machinations are wrought upon the legendary island… and he’s planning on taking a living, breathing souvenir with him.

file_11_55.jpgfile_11_54.jpgIRREDEEMABLE #4 (A)
Written by Mark Waid
Drawn by Peter Krause

SC, 24 pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99
Diamond Code: MAY090729

What if the world’s greatest hero decided to become the world’s greatest villain? The Plutonian’s deadly rampage continues. His former comrades-turned-victims are beaten, tired, and searching for hope. A “twilight of the superheroes”-style story that examines super-villains from the writer of KINGDOM COME and EMPIRE!

file_12_28.jpgfile_12_27.jpgTHE INCREDIBLES #0 (A)
Written by Mark Waid
Drawn by Marcio Takara

SC, 24 pgs, FC, SRP: $2.99
Diamond Code: MAY090734

THE INCREDIBLES #0 launches an all-new story arc written by legendary scribe Mark Waid with covers by Matt Wagner! We take a quick glimpse at the recent past…and witness the action-packed birth of everyone’s favorite super-powered baby—Jack-Jack! But labor pains were never THIS difficult! The Parrs will have to fight through a phalanx of evil before the new addition to their family can safely arrive! The action-packed prelude to next month’s launch of THE INCREDIBLES ongoing!

file_13_28.jpgfile_13_27.jpgFINDING NEMO: REEF RESCUE #3 (A)
Written by Marie Croall
Drawn by Erica Leigh Currey

SC, 24 pgs, FC, (3 of 4), SRP: $2.99
Diamond Code: MAY090736

Nemo, Dory and Marlin continue their dangerous journey, searching for a way to rescue their dying reef! Facing incredible odds, Nemo travels the great blue sea to save the one thing that matters most of all—home. Will Nemo and company survive an eerie encounter with a giant squid?

file_15_27.jpgfile_15_26.jpgTOY STORY: THE MYSTERIOUS STRANGER #4 (A)
Written by Dan Jolley
Drawn by Chris Moreno

SC, 24 pgs, FC, (3 of 4), SRP: $2.99
Diamond Code: MAY090745

More all-new adventures featuring the world’s favorite toys! Mr. Potato Head decides that he’s tired of just being an inanimate toy. He’s going to reveal his walking-and-talking nature to Andy! He’s a total Potato Head Case! Can Woody stop him before it’s too late? Story by Eisner Award-nominated writer Dan Jolley!

file_11_61.jpgfile_11_60.jpgCARS: RADIATOR SPRINGS #1 (A)
Written by Alan J. Porter
Drawn by Albert Carreres

SC, 24 pgs, FC, (1 of 4), SRP: $2.99
Diamond Code: MAY090738

An all-new CARS arc! Lightning McQueen is hanging out with his friends in Radiator Springs when he realizes that everyone knows his story, but he doesn’t know anyone else’s. McQueen wants to know how his friends ended up in Radiator Springs…and why they decided to stay. Issue #1 of CARS: RADIATOR SPRINGS shines the showroom spotlight on Flo and Ramone!

Written by Roger Langridge
Drawn by Roger Langridge

SC, 24 pgs, FC, (1 of 4), SRP: $2.99
Diamond Code: MAY090740

Roger Langridge’s celebrated run on THE MUPPET SHOW comic book begins a new, zany arc! Scooter discovers old documents which reveal that a cache of treature is hidden somewhere within the theater…and when Rizzo the Rat overhears this, the news spreads like wildfire! Meanwhile, Animal’s acting very strangely—he’s now refined and well-mannered!

file_12_26.jpgfile_11_62.jpgFARSCAPE: GONE AND BACK #1 (A)
Written by Rockne S. O’Bannon, Keith DeCandido
Drawn by Tommy Patterson

SC, 24 pgs, FC, (1 of 4), SRP: $3.99
Diamond Code: MAY090742

Zhaan and D’Argo are alive! Crichton’s not married to Aeryn anymore! What’s going on? Crichton tries to find out as he finds himself in an alternate timeline. While examining Aeryn and Crichton’s son an accident occurred that sent Crichton off into this strange world. How does he get back? Will he ever see Aeryn again?

file_14_27.jpgfile_14_26.jpgMUPPET ROBIN HOOD #4 (A)
Written by Tim Beedle
Drawn by Armand Villavert Jr.

SC, 24 pgs, FC, (4 of 4), SRP: $2.99
Diamond Code: APR090739

The Muppets tell the Robin Hood legend for laughs, and it’s the reader who will be merry! Robin Hood (Kermit the Frog) steals from the rich and gives to the poor. In this concluding issue, imprisoned Robin awaits the gallows. Can the Merry Men spring Robin free and defeat Prince John? If only they could find the “narrator” and discover how the story is supposed to end… Series features “A” covers from David Peterson, the Eisner Award-winning creator of MOUSE GUARD!

file_12_36.jpgfile_13_26.jpgFARSCAPE: D’ARGO’S LAMENT #4 (A)
Written by Rockne S. O’Bannon, Keith DeCandido
Drawn by Neil Edwards

SC, 24 pgs, FC, (4 of 4), SRP: $3.99
Diamond Code: MAY090737

Ka D’argo lives on — only in this pulse-pounding FARSCAPE mini-series set in continuity during season 3 between episodes “Revenging Angel” and “Fractures”! D’Argo once took his place to save him from torture but now General Sterikk desires to take on his Luxan brethren in a no-holds barred brawl! The pulse-pounding last issue.

file_12_35.jpgfile_12_34.jpgEUREKA: DORMANT GENE #4 (A)
Written by Andrew Cosby, Jonathan L. Davis
Drawn by Mark Dos Santos

SC, 24 pgs, FC, (4 of 4), SRP: $3.99
Diamond Code: MAY090746

Sci-Fi Channel’s smash hit show returns for another series masterminded by the creator of the show, told completely in continuity! Zoe and Gene have to team up to save Eureka from a horde of genetically altered teens who are kinda acting like zombies (but without all the gross fleshy stuff).

Written by Mark Waid
Drawn by Marcio Takara

SC, 128pgs, FC, SRP: $9.99
ISBN: 1-934506-83-4
ISBN13: 978-1-934506-83-7
Diamond Code: MAY090748

This action-packed trade collects all four issues THE INCREDIBLES: FAMILY MATTERS. Acclaimed scribe Mark Waid has written the perfect INCREDIBLES story! What happens when Mr. Incredible’s super-abilities start to wane…and how long can he keep his powerlessness a secret from his wife and kids?

file_15_30.jpgCARS: THE ROOKIE TPB
Written by Alan J. Porter
Drawn by Albert Carreres

SC, 128pgs, FC, SRP: $9.99
ISBN: 1-934506-84-2
ISBN13: 978-1-934506-84-4
Diamond Code: MAY090749

See how Lightning McQueen became a Piston Cup sensation in this pulse-pounding collection! CARS: THE ROOKIE reveals McQueen’s scrappy origins as a local short track racer who dreams of the big time…and recklessly plows his way through the competition to get there! Along the way, he meets Mack, who help McQueen catch his lucky break.

Written by Roger Langridge
Drawn by Roger Langridge

SC, 128pgs, FC, SRP: $9.99
ISBN: 1-934506-85-0
ISBN13: 978-1-934506-85-1
Diamond Code: MAY090750

This hilarious trade collects the first four issues of THE MUPPET SHOW, written and drawn by the incomparable Roger Langridge! Packed full of madcap skits and gags, The Muppet Show trade is certain to please old and new fans alike! If you have a favorite Muppet, chances are it’s featured in this show-stopping collection!


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