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  1. I also see Aquaman and Ted Kord (on Aqua’s left)
    Is that Deadman also? I mean he’s dead, but he ain’t dead dead. Or is he? Ugh, migraine.

  2. Yup! Aquaman is dead again, he ressurected for a single panel in “Final Crapsis”, but it was undone in Blackest Night 00. I’m surpised no one has review it yet.
    We see the tombs of such as: the Dibnys, Ronnie Raymond (Firestorm) and Bruce Wayne.
    I think the one in the back is Dr Light (the white and black glove), the brown glove maybe Question?

    I can’t wait to how many of the dead Teen Titans come back to life, there like what 10-15 dead ones?

  3. Ricco – I think the Aquaman in FC was from some other universe. Why we needed to see it beats me.

  4. @Duckface: “why we needed to see it” pretty much sums up all FC, except Revelations that was good…

    While were at it, what do you guys think the Black Rings do? My money is on life force leeching to keep the dead “alive”, kind of like the Black Hand’s ability to drain life to reform his hand.

    I also think Indigo Lanterns will be the Red Cross of the war of light, healing the injured of all Corps.

  5. ~wyntermute~ on

    Yeah, death is more a state of existence than an emotion… Maybe “apathy”? They aren’t even really trying though, so we shouldn’t be surprised. “Willpower” has never been an emotion… :)

  6. I always equated Willpower with self confidence and pride, everytime a lantern screws up it’s because of overconfidence, pride or fear.

    From the prophecy at the end of the Sinestro Corps Wars the war of light will be fought between the 7 colors, but none are prepared for the Black Lanterns who defeats their light. After all black is the lack of light, hence in this case the lack of any emotion. Since even apathy is an emotion I don’t see what else it could be called other then death.

  7. How convenient that all the prospective Black Lanterns were buried in such close proximity to one another… was there even anything left of Firestorm after he blew up?

  8. Backpfeifengesicht on

    Kal Skirta (Spoiler ahead) Conner it’s back in the latest Legion of three worlds, unless…..

  9. yeah, sometimes I wake up in the morning feeling kind of death, but usually I feel more willpower after some coffee.

  10. That’s definitely Dr. Arthur Light’s fist behind Aquaman’s in the distance. Zombie super-rapist! Yay.

  11. Lifeisaglitch on


    And that comment is why you get paid the medium bucks :D . (This is actually a Luthor quote from Superman/Batman..that is sans “comment” so it goes a referential full circle because of the recurring Luthor Dollar joke.

    Its a referential filled quip, buried in snark and wrapped up in a joke….Yet it will never be as funny as the word Moose Cock.

  12. Man, you people are so merciless with the word choice. You’re officially disqualified as Indigo Lanterns. ^_^

  13. Scar prophesied that Conner Kent would save Luthor from Brainiac, but that at the same time he was dead and that they owned the dead…

    So either he’s comming back along side Bart and/or will be a Black Lantern. I say and/or because his dead body is still there in the present, it took a 1000 years for the machine to ressurect it so he can be both, alive from the futur and dead in the present.

  14. ~wyntermute~ on

    “Its a referential filled quip, buried in snark and wrapped up in a joke….Yet it will never be as funny as the word Moose Cock.”

    That’s two words. Jeez man, hyphenate or something!!! ;)

  15. Darkmalakim on

    I think people are missing the obvious one in all of these. The one that would indeed be most ironic, Jade, daughter of the original GL. While her green hand isn’t shown because it would be a dead giveaway, yes pun intended, she would be one of the most interesting choices. Also Conner is definitely a member if nothing else then the twisted mirror of the mentoring he tried to give Superboy Prime. The other factor to consider is, Do those who HAVE been dead qualify? If that is the case this would effectively neutralize the Justice League, who at least lent a hand during the Sinestro Corps wars, sine they all died during that Obsidian Age arc. Would Doomsday be in their control? I hope this is the case since it would be up to the next generation of heroes to step up and face a real threat since that is the point of death in comics anyway. That concept seemed to have done well for Bucky so far.

  16. I think they have to BE dead to be controled and Doomsday is likely comming back real soon as part of Project 7734 in the “New Kryton” storyline.

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