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  1. ~wyntermute~ on

    Yeah, kinda confused about the Indicop-out. I mean…. if “the universe has yet to yadda yadda”, how do we have such clear photographic evidence that they exist??? Just leave the page blank with the symbol, if you’re going to no-info us. Jeez.

  2. I’m personally happy to see a pic. There’s no info because that might ruin the story they premiere in. The pic is there for us, not the other characters. Jeez.

  3. So the Green, Yellow, Indigo, Blue and Red Corps all gets a human looking, half naked babes. Here I thought the universe was vast and full of differents races. It seems I was wrong, and that clothing is semi-optional depending on your home galaxy…

  4. @Ricco – One step at a time. DC is just getting used to the fact that there are non-white people on Earth. Aliens that aren’t space sluts and don’t look like they came out of a zoo will take another 50 years.

  5. @Salieri – Was thinking the same thing.

    The Indigo Corps is actually the most interesting-looking new Corps in my opinion. The Reds “Argh! Blood! Vomit! Anger!” drivel is already annoying, and the Blues just look plain ridiculous. I love that weird spiral thing behind them… the pic just looks plain awesome.

  6. Wait, they have no central power battery. Is the giant plant thing the source of their powerstaffs? Or are they just reallyreallyreally compassionate?

  7. @Salieri: what would be a cool concept is that their staffs are carved from their main power battery, keeping them powered constantly. Compassion seems like a support emotion like Hope, I wonder what their powers and limitations could be.

    @Duckface: I think, could be seriously wrong here, that Marvel has more variety in their heroes/villains. In the last Uncanny X-Men they even referenced poutine, a standard French Canadian dish. Is there even a well known, or known at all, Canadian hero in the DCU?
    The X-Men’s all time team roster has about 50% of it’s members of nationality other then American.

  8. ~wyntermute~ on

    Heh. Canadian hero in the DCU. HEH!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! *falls over laughing* Didn’t we get “Fleur De Lys” from the Global Guardians? I could never tell if she was France-french or Canadian-french. Other than her, I laugh at the notion of “canadians” in the DCU. I mean, forget the fact that Supes is partially canadian (well, he is… just not in stories!). We got NOTHIN.

  9. @Ricco – I’m not really that into Marvel, but I’ve noticed there are more ethnically ‘diverse’ characters, but they can be extremely stereotypical (Dust, anyone?). I think Marvel kind of overdoes it in terms of trying to be ‘with the times’, and while I have nothing to support this beyond my own experiences with Marvel books, it’s often done in a very patronizing, ‘look how with it we are’ manner.
    That said, they’re doing far better than DC in terms of sheer numbers of non-white (as well as gay) characters, at least in my opinion, and do a better job of not drawing so much attention to their being whatever they are (read: Black Lightning and Mr. Terrific’s conversation in Infinite Crisis; Everything related to Batwoman).
    You should try reading the 4thletter! blog, I’ve seen some very intelligent discussions on race in comics on that site.
    Also, I think Plastique is French-Canadian?

  10. Yeah, Canada really does get the short stick in DC, doesn’t it? Not that Marvel is great at representing us without resorting to stereotypes as duckface mentions, but at least they do try to represent us at all. Alpha Flight and Wolverine are better than nothing.

    Oh and Stephen, I wanted to thank you for posting all these Lantern splashes, they’ve been very interesting, informative and very very pretty.

    • Okay. So it’s up to us to create & pitch Canada’s contribution do the DCU… Um…. Hockeyguy~!

      I’m from Kansas, so all I know about Canada is SCTV, You Can’t Do That On Television and Robin Sparkles… How ’bout “Captain Hoser?”

  11. The only thing I can come up with is a French Canadian “trappeur” that was forced to eat his dead familly after been caught in a snow storm near Yellowknife and became a Wendigo. A flesh eating immortal whose hunger can never be sated that looks like death (grey skin and protuberant bones)but incredibly powerfull and has vowed to feast only on the flesh of the guilty.

  12. ~wyntermute~ on

    or maybe Two-Four Man!!!! He runs around distributing REAL beer, not that watery american stuff, to parties in need! Now _there’s_ a hero, my friends!

    Ps. YCDTonTV was the bomb, yo. I used to quote that show like mad, back in grade skoolz. :D And Robin Sparkles only half-counts. You woulda got more points for mentioning her real-world inspiration, Alanis. :D

  13. @~wyntermute~: Yeah, he’d have gotten a lot more points since Alanis Morrisette’s teeny bop records under the simpler “Alanis” moniker were never widely released or played outside of Canada (despite producing chart topping hits up here) and therefore not many US viewers of HIMYM are even aware that Alanis was the obvious inspiration for Robin Sparkles.

  14. Everytime in the 80’s and 90’s when DC would have a crossover event that would create “Exiting new character” like Invasion, Millenium, Bloodlines, Even the JLI ,etc… they went for the international global look. Unfortunately the public was not interested in the groups and the international characters were dropped or killed.
    There were quite a vew villains groups in the 80’s also that were international in flavor, but didn’t last long due to the lack of interest.

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