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  1. We’ve still got the Indigo Tribe’s profile to come.

    Plus, Johns & Tomasi are notoriously good with character motivation. I see far more potential for conflict and intrigue in having the dead angrily and vengefully confronting their killers – as well as those who could have prevented their deaths – rather than simply being ‘yarrrgh, braaaains’ zombies.

  2. “Hey Mr. Hand, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Black Lantern Pop?”

    “Let’s find out. Mwahahahahahaha!!”

  3. Blackhand is being gross for the sake of being gross in that pic – like too much of what’s been going on in DC generally since “52” and in all the GL books in particular.

    There’d better be a damned good reason why Black Lanterns need to consume the flesh of the (I’m assuming) once-living that justifies this sort of behavior.

    (Is Blackhand eating his fellow dead? Would that make him a cannibal?)

    As bad as “Countdown” and “Infinite Crisis” were, I really need something to restore my faith in DC’s writers and editorial board (though that won’t likely happen until Dan Dididio steps out in front of a bus, or has sex with a Jamaican prostitute sans condom – or both).

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