Ever since seeing the new Amazing Spider-Man cartoon series, I’ve been interested in the art stylings of Sean “Cheeks” Galloway.  Today we offer up his take on some DC characters.

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Something to hold you over, until I widdle out the winner from the 6 finalists.

For this line-up of DC characters I wanted to keep the lines loose, as well as the coloring.

Hope y’all digs!

via Deviant Art


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  1. Very nice. I really love the way the art style for spectacular spider-man was so under appretiated initially and later turned into one of the big draws for the show.

    Breaks my heart that there’s no Green Lanturn there…

  2. John I.G. the second on

    This is the third time I’ve looked at something this week and then seen it featured on here, it’s getting creepy.

    …or you just move in the same circles in Deviant Art that I do

  3. I know it must be Kirby dots, but I can’t help seeing those as ‘boozle’ cartoon effects around Darkseid’s head.

    Which consumes me with curiosity for what Darkseid would be like when really, really drunk.

    • I doubt he’s one of those angry drunks. He probably let’s all the walls come down, and he turns into one of those Love Ya Bro kinda gods.

      DSeid: SScome ‘ere you little… guy…
      Wraps Arm Around Scott Free
      Free: Uh…
      Dseid: y’know all thoshe yearsh I kept you locked up?
      Free: hey, listen, I think you’ve had a bit too much…
      Dseid: I’ll Let You Know When I’ve Had Too Much!
      Dsied: Oh there I go againsh… I’m shorry little buddy. I just wanted to shay I wassh shorry… R’lly… I love you man…
      Free: Ok big guy, let’s get you into bed.
      Dsied: Everyone thinksh I’m thish really bad guy… they jusht don’t get Darshied like you do shcotty. I love you man… Don’t you love me?
      Free: Uh…
      Dsied: Com’on shay it.
      Dsied: I love you too man…
      Dsied: FAG!!! Bwa-ha-ha… Darksheid is sho funny…

      Darkseid then passes out on his binky. The next morning he wakes up in a puddle of his own vomit.

  4. ‘Mister Darkseid and his man Scotty’: a new production touring any underground Theatre house that can still be sat in.

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