MyCup o’ Joe Offers Tips for Breaking In



This week, Joe Quesada hands out some sage advice on how to break into the comic book industry as a writer of fine tales.

So my suggestion to those guys is always, “Keep it basic. If your character is the Silver Surfer, then write a Silver Surfer, but keep it basic, the way he is now in his current incarnation. Don’t give me the reinvention yet. We’ll see what you can do first in the current boundaries that we have, in the current continuity.” And I think a lot of people miss the fact that 90% of the stuff our writers are working on today is not reinvention—it’s writing the character in the status quo. That’s what we do for the bulk of the job, so that’s the starting point. And don’t worry about a five-issue storyarc at this point. Just a single, done-in-one, 22-page comic.

He and Jim McLauchlin also talk about Pet Avengers, and more news about Marvel’s 70th anniversary.

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