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In this week’s issue: Could Benton’s boy be on his way to the screen? Have YOU ever heard a sound like the Rubber Band Man? And, does anybody REALLY want to know what goes in inside Matthew’s big rubbery head? Plus: WHY not to wait for the trade! HOW to cover your pectoral regions and look good doin’ it! WHERE can I get a painting that does my aging for me? WHO let that rhinoceros on this bus? All this, and Mrs. Frisby slaps down an injunction, as episode ninety leaps off the starting line, burns rubber through the chicane, leaps across the median, and into your hearts and minds… El podcast de los Alerones Principal está en el aire!


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Do You Want to See a Jonny Quest Movie?

Listeners write in to ask about Major Spoilers Comic Books, and what the Major Spoilers Crew thinks of “waiting for the trade”.

The Story: Emma Frost has never been a simple person, nor has
she had a simple past. The Hellfire Club. The Hellions.
Generation X. Genosha. But you haven’t seen it all. Did you know about her history with Namor? With Tony Stark? With Norman Osborn? The X-Men have often operated on the outside of the Marvel Universe; that stops now and in this annual. Do not Rated T+ …$3.99

Green Lantern #39
Written by Geoff Johns; Art by Philip Tan and Jonathan Glapion; Cover by Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert; Variant cover by Rodolfo Migliari

“Agent Orange” Part 1 and featuring an “Origins and Omens” backup tale! As the orange light of avarice erupts in violence within the Vega System, the secrets of the Guardians’ pact with the criminals of the universe that has kept the Vega System off limits is revealed. Hal Jordan comes face to face with the mysterious and immensely powerful Agent Orange in a bizarre confrontation.

Grimm Fairy Tales #37
Writer: Dan Wickline
Pencils: Alex Machain

Who really wants to live forever? In the twisted style you’ve come to expect, Grimm Fairy Tales present Dorian Gray. Rockstar Don and his beautiful wife Stephanie seemed to have everything, success, love and…immortality. Like Dorian Gray years before him, Don’s life is forever young thanks to a mysterious portrait that hangs over his fireplace. But immortality is not the gift you might think as grief grips Don as those around him pass away over time. Again, the mysterious Belinda works her warped magic, sharing the secrets of the strange painting with Don and sending the story spiraling toward its heartbreakingly deadly conclusion.

Back by popular demand, it’s the battle of the stretchy people. Last time it was Ralph Dibny vs. Reed Richards, this week we pit Plastic Man with the crazy, mind warping, girl loving Elastic Lad!

A) Plastic Man
B) Elastic Lad

MAJOR SPOILERS Trade Paperback Review
Mouse Guard: Fall 1152
Story and Art by David Petersen
From the Wiki
The story focuses on a colony of intelligent mice, who live in a medieval era, paralleling the same age in human history, though in their world there are no humans.

“The mice struggle to live safely and prosper among all of the world’s harsh conditions and predators. Thus the Mouse Guard was formed. After persevering against a weasel warlord in the winter war of 1149, the territories are no longer as troubled. True, the day to day dangers exist, but no longer are the Guard soldiers, instead they are escorts, pathfinders, weather watchers, scouts and body guards for the mice who live among the territories. Many skills are necessary for the guard to keep the borders safe. They must find new safeways and paths from village to village, lead shipments of goods from one town to another and, in case of attack, guard against all evil and harm to their territories.” They are not simply soldiers that fight off intruders; rather, they are guides for the common mice looking to journey without confrontation from one hidden mouse village to another. The Guard patrols borders, finds safeways and paths through dangerous territories and treacherous terrain, watches weather patterns, and keeps the mouse territories free of predators. They do so with fearless dedication so that they might not just exist, but truly live.

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Music from this episode comes from Armin Brewer (intro) and James Kennison (closing) from the Nobody’s Listening Podcast. A big thanks to both of these guys for creating kick-ass music for the show!

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