Iron Man: Armored Adventures Arrives April 24



Nicktoon Network has sent Major Spoilers a press kit for the upcoming Iron Man: Armored Adventures series that premieres Friday, April 24, 2009 on the Nicktoons Network.  Take the jump for more images from the two-part premiere, and look for our complete review of the episodes next week.  I can tell you now, from the parts I’ve seen, this is a series that does not follow the movie timeline.

Here’s how Nicktoons describes the characters in the show:

Tony Stark/Iron Man
Teen tech-whiz Tony Stark spends his time testing his last inventions, including the experimental suit of invincible armor that transforms him into his alter ego, Iron Man. Inside this remarkable suit, Iron Man can fend off a variety of villains, engage in epic battles and thwart diabolical conspiracies. He is a hero for the digital age, a mechanized knight in ever-evolving, adaptable armor. But he’s still a teen at heart, and he must balance normal teen responsibilities with saving the world.

James Rhodes
A calm, rational and collected guy by nature, Rhodey is Tony Stark’s childhood best friend and the only person who knows about Tony’s double life as Iron Man. Tony can always count on him no matter the circumstances.

Patricia Pepper Pots (Pepper Pots)
Pepper is very sharp, energetic and naturally curious. The tomboy manner she picked up as the daughter of an FBI agent makes her an ideal comrade for Tony and Rhodey.

Gene Khan
Gene Khan is the rich heir of an import/export family. He is also, secretly, Iron Man’s worst enemy — The Mandarin, an egocentric sociopath draw to challenges, power and, ultimately, destruction. as a direct descendant of the warlord Genghis Kahn, Gene’s ancestral rings grant him staggering mystical powers and leadership of a vast underworld empire. Disguised in menacing black and gold medieval armor, he is free to carry out his twisted agenda for orld domination as The Mandarin.

Obadiah Stane
After the terrible accident, Obadiah Stane was named CEO of Stark International until Tony Stark turns 18. Stane runs Stark International with total disregard for Howard Stark’s principles by releasing imperfect inventions on the market — putting the lives of others at risk — and developing weapons to sell to the highest bidder. All he cares about is profit and he knows that Iron Man’s armor holds the key to a wide range of advanced technology he would love to pillage.

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