More Marvel Titles Sell Out



Marvel has announced Cable #13 and Deadpool #9 have both sold out at the distributor level and are going back to press with a second printing.  Interestingly, both titles feature Deadpool.  Coincidence, or is there a Wolverine movie coming out in less than a month that features the character?


On Cable #13, Marvel says:

Find out what happened to the world that caused such a dark and ominous future straight from the lips of everyone’s favorite mad mercenary –Deadpool!  Watch as Cable fights to save arguably the most important mutant ever to exist!

And on Deadpool #9 the company says:

In a cruel twist of fate, Deadpool has finally met the girl of his dreams, but she’s trying to kill him.   Everything from love to bullets is in the air as Wade Wilson faces off with the flirtatious Black Widow II and her team of Thunderbolts as this thrilling crossover continues!

The second printing of both titles arrives May 6, 2009, and both feature a $2.99 cover price.

via Marvel