Stretch ‘em out and they’ll always return to their natural shape, that is unless you stretch the stuff too far thus breaking its point of elasticity.  This week, we return to the battle of the big two, this time with Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four, taking on the Elongated Man from the Justice League.  Who wins the battle of the stretch, and who winds up a puddle of goo in the middle of the ring?


Mr. Fantastic or the Elongated Man

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  1. Even though he is outclassed in both powers and intellect, I still have to go with Ralph. To me, a character who has adventures that amount to ‘The Thin Man on the Road” beats out “I’m so smart I can solve any problem I have cause I’m so smart” any day. And while they have both had marriages since early on i their character histories, Ralph and Sue always seemed the more realistic couple. Bored debutante elopes with dashing crime fighter is a good story. And Sue has that pesky history with Namor. I’ve ranted way too long, but I feel I always have to stick up for Ralph especially since DC has pretty much destroyed him.

  2. Ralph! DC killed him off and will probably end up not letting him stretch in peace, so I have to stick up for the man. He’s a realistic detective, who follows a clear process, whereas Reed is just so smart he can whip new gadgets out of his pocket and BAM! Problem solved.

  3. Ralph all the way! You don’t see alternate universe versions of Ralph infecting loved ones with a vombie virus, or creating a super prison for heroes, or being some super smart d-bag. Ralph is a really smart, everyman, and that why we love him.

  4. Ralph all the way. He’s a character who was able to fun for 99% of his existence. Even when his other JLIers were getting confusing reboots, Ralph was still Ralph. For a time he was probably in the top three Justice Leaguers in terms of staying on. The character has always been able to come out on top. He and Sue were the best couple in all of comicdom because there was no questioning the love that was there. Plus he ‘smells a mystery’ how is that not fun? I rant about my love for him, and I don’t know why I do.

    If DC & Warner Brothers wanted to make a show, Ralph and Sue going town to town solving mysteries, not only is it consisten, it was what they did throughout the whole Silver Age.

    He’s a character that if you don’t get him, he can off as really petty and annoying, but when done right is phenomenal.

  5. ~wyntermute~ on

    What does it say about things when Reed is winning, but Ralphites are so passionate about their choice that _they_ are the only ones commenting? Ralphvotes should count double. So, like, it’s WAY closer than it looks. :D

  6. Lifeisaglitch on

    Normally i go for the detective but in this case the virtues i value most in the deductor i find an overabundance of in Richards. As far as superheroes go you have to admire a man that doesn’t solve everything with punching, even though it can be annoying that he is basically the intellectual version of a kryptonia (Dr. Deux Ex Machina). But its not a lot of superheroes that give off a mad scientist vibe, a smarter-than-thou aura and still manage to be likeable.

    Even through the Civil War you couldn’t blame him for doing what he felt was right and for one of the proverbial “Nazis” (Yes they are proverbial now) he was sorta the one keeping it sane and sensible…arguably….I mean you can see the logic in wanting to have checks and balances (They only went overboard because Ironman went all populist-fascist) on human-nukes no matter what side you were on. Ya know what forget it, I’m a bastard i even like Ozymandias, people who like
    Dr. Doom don’t even like Ozymandias…Well people who like Doom don’t like anybody, also they tend to be Doom…Doom doesnt like Richards…can i use that as an argument?

  7. I think Reed is winning simply because Ralph is less known, he has like 3 scenes in the whole JLU and he’s been dead for a while now. On the other hand Reed is alive, always a plus in a fight, appeared in his own anime series with the other FF and had a couple of movies not long ago.

    It’s like asking people who would win in a fight between Max Jenius on a VF-1J Super Valkyrie or Kira Yamato in his Strike Freedom. Half the people would vote Kira simply because they probably don’t even remember/know who Max is…

  8. Reed would probably win because he is significantly smarter and has access to high tech weaponry while Ralph does not. Physically, they most likely possess the exact same power level.

    Still, I voted vor EM because the F4 never did anything for me and I liked Ralph in Formerly Known as the Justice League.

  9. @ Ricco I think you hit it on the nose. Plus people who love the lesser-known character have few chances to express admiration.

  10. I voted for Ralph but it looks like Reed has this won. I think Eel O’Brian should have a shot at him when this is over.

  11. Nice tie-in to the TPB review! But Reed still wins hands down…

    Ralph is a great detective, but would be unable to stand up to Reed with his intellect and gadgets.

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