When you’ve only got four issues to tell a complete story, some things are going to be left out or cut short due to space restrictions.  In Hexed #4, just enough information gets through to make this concluding chapter just rewarding enough.

hexed04cover.jpgLast time, the grand plot was revealed, as Dietrich planned to discover Madame Cymbaline’s true name so he could kill her and take over the top spot in the Underworld’s underworld.  The hero of this tale – Lucifer – spoiled his plans by snagging the book that contained the name and made it back to the Earthen plane.  Unfortunately, Lucifer’s friend Val got caught in the crossfire, and unless Lucifer gets the book back from the police station lock-up Dietrich is going to put so many holes in Val, that she’ll be able to drain the water from pasta.

What follows in this issue takes readers back to the beginning of the series, where we see Lucifer using her wits and skills to break into the police evidence locker and indeed walk away with the book, and a few other items for her bag of tricks.  This is no easy task as not only are the police looking for her (she escaped their custody last issue), but Madame Cymbaline has put a bounty on her head of one million dollars.  From Dietrich’s standpoint it’s a win-win for him as he can eliminate two of his biggest problems in one go.

The best part about this issue is when readers discover the ultimate fate of Lucifer; when she dies she is destined to take over her master’s position and become a demon that sells secrets to anyone who can afford it.  It’s an afterlife, Lucifer’s not really looking forward to, but as with any good story, it is clear she regrets many of her past actions, but instead of pushing the blame to others, reflects back and takes the blame herself.

As often occurs in the supernatural thriller genre, Lucifer believes she has it all figured out, but her plan goes slightly askew  leaving her with a belly full of lead instead.  It’s kind of a downer when this occurs, but Michael Alan Nelson pulls a literal Deus Ex Machina out of the bag, restoring Lucifer’s life, and faith that she can change her destiny.

I had no idea where this series was going, and looking back over the four issues, I’m glad everything wasn’t telegraphed that far in advance.  Hexed has enough twists and turns in the story that keep things interesting, even if you’ve seen the story roadmap before.  I often complain about companies stretching out a story to six issue that unnecessarily pad the story and line the wallets of those companies who con the reader into buy all the extra stuff.  I like that Boom! kept the story to four issues, but deep down I want to learn more about Lucifer’s backstory, and would have been happy if another issue or two were written.

Hexed is one of those stories that isn’t full of shuffling zombies, or stake through the heart stabbing vampire hunters.  It doesn’t pander to the goths or try to only bring in the manga crowd with the gorgeous art by Emma Rios.  instead, it is its own story that brings something new to the supernatural table – and I want to read more.  Nelson leaves plenty of room for more tales of the hexed teenager to arise, so it’s now just a matter of drumming up enough interest for readers, talking Boom! into getting a new series set up, and hoping Nelson has another story in him.

Once again, I’m pulling the Buffy card – if you like what’s going on in that series, then you’ll also enjoy Hexed.  Hexed #4 provides a great conclusion to a very deep story line, and does it without pause or excuses, and earns 4 out of 5 Stars.



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  1. haven’t gotten number 4 yet but the first 3 have been freaking great. Hope they make it an ongoing series specially considering i didn’t know it was only going to be 4 books. kinda makes me a sad panda.

  2. Sure I did. I may have missed you mentioning it or just conviently forgot it. LOL. I like the series alot though and really hope they decide atleast to put a few more 4 or maybe even 6 issue series out kinda like Dark Horse does with Hellboy.

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