I’ve been particularly happy with the many building and city elements LEGO has been releasing these last couple of years to help build up LEGO City.  The company plans to do it again in 2010 and wants fans to decide what to release next.

Personally, as long as it isn’t another  fire or police station, I’m good to go.

Press Release Follows

Architects and planners of LEGO CITY are at odds over which section of the booming metropolis should be developed next.  After a Town Hall meeting was held on April 1, fraught with debate and indecision, CITY officials will open the polls to let residents solve the dilemma.  The future of LEGO CITY is up for vote starting Friday, April 3 at

Parks and Rec vs. D.O.T.

Sociologists and environmentalists are rallying around the LEGO CITY Parks and Recreation Board’s plans to create a new CITY SQUARE that focuses on encouraging active play, family togetherness, resident interaction and open green spaces as a means of making LEGO CITY attractive to potential residents and business owners.  Details of the new City Square have not yet been released.

LEGO CITY’s Department of Transportation officials submitted two proposals for review and decision.  The first, a PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION CENTER, fosters more use of public transit and reduces traffic on the roads.  The second, a TRUCK STOP to provide rest and comfort for truckers, is badly needed as LEGO CITY’s industry and commerce growth rates are sending an increasing number of large trucks in and out of the CITY limits.  Neither plan outlined specific details.

CITY officials believe all three of the proposals hold merit and could be implemented with great attention to detail and fun.

Call to Action
Anyone with a vested interest in the future of the LEGO CITY is encouraged to log onto to help select the next phase of development.  From April 3 through April 24, voters will find information and instructions about casting their ballots.  Once the polls are closed and a theme is selected, CITY officials and Toys”R”Us executives may foster dialogue with residents over the specifics of the winning proposal.  In 2010, public opinion will reign supreme when the new set launches in August exclusively at Toys”R”Us and LEGO stores nationwide.

“Generations of children of all ages have been building cities since LEGO bricks appeared 51 years ago,” said Søren Torp Laursen, president, LEGO Systems, Inc.  “To achieve our goal of incorporating more consumer insights and wishes to our LEGO products and experiences, we’re once again partnering with Toys”R”Us to collect public opinion and comments to pick a theme that will help inspire kids around the world as they continue the city building tradition.”

Power to the People
This is the second consecutive year that LEGO fans have been asked to help choose a theme for an exclusive set in partnership with Toys”R”Us.  In 2008, fans chose the LEGO Star Wars(tm) The Home One(tm) Mon Calamari Star Cruiser(tm) set, which will be released later this year to mark the 10th Anniversary of LEGO Star Wars.

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  1. I would like to nominate the following:
    1. Lego Brothel
    2. Lego Crack House (comes with a gram for free)
    3. Lego Prison (Build one of 5 death chambers)
    4. Lego Legion of Super Heroes Headquarters (Upside down Ship version) (BLOK after the Roxxas the Butcher treatment sold separately or with the delux puzzle pack.) All Legionairres except Quislet sold separately.


    Like Star Wars there is a limitless amount of characters. So fans would go crazy to get Super Boy, Saturn Girl, or Timberwolf! There would be endless possibilities!

    Just imagine they could have sets, like missions (sort of like the agents, but not as gay). Every set could release a different pair of LOSH characters let’s say 4 , and maybe 3 villains. Don’t forget villains like the Fatal Five could have there own set. Sets would include the cruiser, United Planets, LOSH headquaters, and Takron-Galtos (prison set would be incredible)!

    I hope other people would like this idea too!

  3. what about another hospital because not alot of things have been brought out for it i mean thers only the actual hospital, the doctors car and the ambulance so what about some more figures and a new hospital with an ambulance and a doctor

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