Wait a minute.  So if the team has Wolverine, Emma Frost, and Prof. X, is it really all new?  Or just an all new team line up? Here’s hoping the company gets the deadly and dark part right.

And as a weird side note: Usually Marvel sends out their images preformatted at 550 pixels wide.  This image came set at 666 pixels wide.  Mayhaps the devil is indeed in the details.    Am I reading too much into that, or has Newsarama told the Marvel PR people that they’ve changed their image resolution requirements again and want the House of Ideas to comply? I’m just saying is all….

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  1. Namor being an X-Man is really odd. I mean, by most accounts, he’s the first mutant, and he does have a history with Emma, but still. Namor’s thing is that he’s an Atlantean, first and foremost. I don’t think even he cares one iota about his mutant heritage. And even then, he’s never been one to join a group that he’s not the leader of. I just hope there’s a good reason for him to be running around with an “X” on his belt.

    • I just hope there’s a good reason for him to be running around with an “X” on his belt.

      I would think the answer is obvious – It’s the fashionable trend. X is the new mood ring.

  2. I don’t think that’s Wolverine… One of his right claws looks like it’s coming from his wrist (aka Wolverine’s son)

  3. I want a Cloak and Dagger solo (written by Vaughan) and not that…but I love the X-Men, so I’ll read it…-.-

  4. Lifeisaglitch on

    Are Cloak and Dagger even really mutants?? (Wasnt it like a big-pharm/weapon-X-esq thing)

    Btw its nice to see that Daken has finally found his place…As an excuse for even more Wolverine..I kid, i kid i like the kid.

  5. Erm, I like the inclusion of Cloak & Dagger…but why is Angel wearing Magneto’s old smock?

    Mayhap this is some sort of underground, Anti-Osborn team…and then again, Wolverine is already the LEADER of a “Dark, Deadly” X-Variation team.

    Yes, Jocko – strike out yet another entry of borrowed ideas that suddenly become new and original when given a “Dark Reign” banner…

  6. “Are Cloak and Dagger even really mutants?? (Wasnt it like a big-pharm/weapon-X-esq thing)”

    The drugs have awakened their powers…wiki says, that they a describes a both…mutants and mutates…

    Hey, who is the guy with the Omega-sign?

  7. I believe that may be the guy from the Russian team, or the current Captain Maple Leaf, joining USAgent in the official disbanding of the Omega Flight. He does kind of have some powers ganked off Xorn in “New Avengers: The Confusing”…

  8. @Salieri: he appears to be flotting so probably Michael Pointer the current Guardian of “Omega Flight”, you’d think the big omega would have been a clue but untill you mentioned him I had forgoten about him, and I read “Marvel Comics Presents: Vanguard”, thanks! He’s a mutant so it fits.

  9. @Kirby: “X-Men don’t kill” which is why Cyclops keeps the current X-Force secret. As a rule, X-Men don’t kill, unless it’s unavoidable , or if nobody remembers to stop Wolverine…

  10. Mimic hasn’t been dead for over a decade, he re-appeared as part of the build up to Onslaught. I believe the explanation was that he faked his death from gamma radiation and was hiding out in the arctic to avoid everyone due to his powers be a little out of control.

  11. Am I the only one who thinks the woman in black has greenish hair? Is it possible this is Polaris, not Emma?

    Not sure I’ll get this b/c of the gay name, but I am glad to see Cloak & Dagger again!

  12. Is it me or does it seem like the Marvel U is turning into Quesada’s wet fanboy dream?

    I am glad someone is enjoying this because I’m certainly not.

  13. I doubt it’s Polaris she’ll be off world for a while with Havok in “War of Kings”. That’s Emma, why is she wearing all black? Maybe Scott died?

  14. I’m thinking the entire team is similar to Dark Avengers with plants for everyone.

    Cloak never goes around with his hood down and should be bald if memory serves. He’s looking an awful lot like Exodus, who has teleporting powers as well. Just remove the washed out sunset colouring and I think it’s him.

    Wolverine is already replaced by Daken.

    Emma Frost looks more like Lady Mastermind with the black on (Dodson’s arent exactly the greatest at drawing different people. Everyone typically has same face syndrome, like Dazzler and Emma here).

    Angel is Mimic in the back there.

    Dagger could be someone from the Acolytes or Marauders with light based powers. Maybe Vertigo or some other character.

    The omega guy is probably the Collective/Guardian/Vindicator guy from Omega Flight, but could be just about anyone at this point. And Xavier and Namor are the odd ones out. Maybe Namor informs Xavier, fellow Illuminati member, about the Dark Cabal and they form this team together.

  15. Oh, sprock! Dark Chocolate Reign strikes again!
    Hmm… looks kinda-sorta-maybe interesting. Hope the creative team beyond the cover compliment the title nicely.

  16. Does the world really need another X-Men book?

    I guess this is just part of Marvel’s new business initiative of upping their prices and flooding the market with books like this and Fantastic Force because they have brand loyalty unlike other companies, and they know people will buy it. It’s a great business move, but it makes me want to go read more DC and independent stuff.

    And is just me, or does anyone else think all these “Dark” titles come off like something from the 90’s? And trust me, I don’t mean that in a good way.

  17. I was thinking the omega symbol dude was Omega Red in a nice more socially acceptable outfit and perhaps Cloak is not cloak but Exodus ?

  18. I think that “Emma” is Regan Wyngarde. There’s no way Emma would wear the colors of the Black Queen. Plus, Regan was all about the hoochy mama clothes as well.

    “Wolverine” is Daken, you can tell by the claws. Logan rocks multiple costumes, why wouldn’t Daken?

    Omega is Michael Pointer, it just makes sense.

    I like Mimic rocking the ’80s Magneto costume.

    I’m betting “Xavier” is Xavier, having gone off his nut after X-Men Legacy. There’s no way that is Sebastian Shaw. Namor would be holding his severed head in that picture if it was Shaw.

    I thought that “Cloak” might be Exodus as well, but I have a hard time believing he could keep his ego in check enough to impersonate someone else (besides Magneto, and that didn’t last long either!). So I think Cloak and Dagger are Cloak and Dagger. I’ll take ’em any way I can get ’em.

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