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  1. Spidey 4 Villains: Electro would be cool as a villain. I’m not sure what your implying with the Bruce Campbell pic. Maybe see him as Mysterio or Jackal? And please God, No Carnage!!

    Kato: Though I like Jackie Chan; I’d prefer it be Stephen Chow. Jackie should head up his own movie.

    Green Lantern: Whomever thought that Jack Black could be Hal Jordan should be commited.

    3Stooges: With those 3, it actually might be interesting.

  2. Bruce Campbell can do no wrong. It’s a proven fact. Plus, he’s already been in all of the previous Spidey films.

    Jackie will be too busy playng Mr. Miagi to be Kato…

    I’d rather see Jack Black in the role of GL than that other guy.

    Aaaaannd… Michael Chiklis will always be Curly to me. Has anyone else ever seen that Made- For- TV movie?

  3. I’d far prefer Black as Ash in an Army Of Darkness reboot; he’s good enough at being that violently mad.

  4. Since they burned Venom to death in the dumbest sequence ever given how the symbiote SURVIVED RE-ENTRY into the atmosphere earlier in the movie, I doub Carnage will show up. I think someone like Mysterio, Electro, Scorpion, Shocker or even Chameleon would make for good villains, Hydro too if he wasn’t so Sandman-like. Out of all of those I would say Scorpion and spider-slayers robots.

  5. I remember Venom being hurt by fire in comics multiple times.

    As for a Spidey Villain, I am tired of electricity villains in movies. It’s been done.

    The best concept I have heard is that Dr. Connors turns into the Lizard and Kraven comes to town to hunt him with Spidey stuck in the middle trying to help Connors.

  6. Another Spider-Man? I still haven’t shaken off the emo, eyeliner and all, Peter Parker. So no thanks. Don’t care who the new villain is.

    And no way, just no way, is Black going to be Hal.

  7. There should be no 3 stooges remake ever! You don’t change art. Otherwise no Carnage, other wise fine with the other two I guess. Can they do a blend of Nimoy and Welker, for a voice so powerful, God himself cannot withstand it? Chow, why not. Pine, okay but like others Nathan Fillion would be best.

  8. @Matthew

    Cause they’ve been teasing that guy for the past two movies and it’s time for Conners to step up.

    Plus I feel that Lizard really does have a bit more of a complex psychological background that I think that it deserves to be explored in the next movie. Plus I would rather see him than have raimi try to squeeze another symbiote in the mix.

  9. not to mention they would be able to make him the splashiest next to carnage. and you know they are trying to make movies look all pretty and stuff now…

    I think if they do have the lizard though his tail would kind of mindlessly flick like a cats and there would inevitably be a scene where they are fighting in conners lab which for some reason has a bit of the venom symbiot in a test tube which gets knocked over and ends up in the sewer. as it crawls away it leaves a seed behind. later in this movie or in the sequel cletus cassidy is fleeing prison through the sewar and they merge to become carnage.

    so in synopsis. lizard made of computer gen.

    carnage as a hint for next movies villain

    love the show and keep up the great work

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