Smallville a Go for Season 9 — Zatanna Pictures, Too



Tom Welling has signed up for the 9th season of The CW’s Smallville series, causing many fans to cry, ‘WHY!?” and others to proclaim, “Tom Welling is my love god!”  Granted, I don’t know who those people are who are screaming about the love god part (Matthew), but considering the show is going for season 9, there has to be a large enough fan base of Tom Welling lovers out there (Matthew).  While it’s great to see an ongoing superhero series on television, I can’t help but feel sad we won’t be seeing Lana back as a regular.

For the rest of us (not Matthew), check out  two pics of Serinda Swan who plays Zatanna in an upcoming episode.  Oh, and be on the lookout for the Legion to return in the May finale, Matthew.



via THR