Yeah, when you first see the picture you’re probably all “What The F?!”, which is probably followed by a lot of laughter.  The Christian hardcore don’t find it funny at all, and think Marvel is promoting a gay agenda.

It looks like our homo supporting friends over at Marvel have created a new toy to encourage young boys to perform mouth to mouth in a non holy way to a blow up toys twiddle rompus!

We might as well line our children up and burn them ourselves! If we make these types of devil pleasing acts ok they will all be burning in the fire lakes anyways!

Wow, it’s no wonder I’m agnostic.  I seriously doubt the big wigs at Marvel are sitting around wasting time trying to figure out subliminal ways of sending the youth of the world to Hell – I mean have you seen Emma Frost lately?


Sometimes we all need to take a deep breath, laugh, and move on with our lives.

via Christ Wire


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  1. You realize that the people of the Phelps clan are about as much of a representative sample of Christianity as Jim Jones and ‘The Peoples’ Temple’ was of liberal socialism, or the Earth Liberation Front is of the environmental movement, right?

    There’s a point where people stop being what they claim they are and just start being the idiot fringe.

    Unfortunately, it’s the idiot fringe that sites (like use to stereotype everyone else.

    • Believe me, I know all about the nutjob Phelps clan (their compound is about 30 minutes away from where I grew up). If I’ve offended your religious beliefs then I apologize, but you do realize there are people that hold these beliefs beyond the Phelps’, right? It’s like all those so-called conservative christians who showed up at the Palin rallies screaming “kill him” whenever the opponents name was mentioned. All it takes is the idiot minoirty to ruin it for everyone else — hence the comic book crowd being labeled as fat smelly nerds. And thus endth this conversation. And if that opens it up for people to face ridicule in the form of a humorous site (or post) then that’s that. Laugh and move on.

  2. You don’t know what you think you know about the Phelps clan unless you’ve met them personally, interacted with them daily, and actually gotten to know why they do what they do. I have.

    (And, generally, in person, they’re nothing at all like the people you see shouting profanities at passersby and protesting with their signs.)

    And, for the record, according to the Secret Service who actually investigated the claim that someone shouted ‘Kill him!’ at a Palin rally, it never happened.

    It’s easy to stereotype one side when what you hear about them already fits your prejudices about them. In this instance, it’s about Christians. In your other example, it’s about the conservative right.

    However, if you want to claim that it’s wrong when Christians do it about homosexuals, or when the right does it about the left, you have to acknowledge that it’s just as wrong when you, in turn, do it about Christians or the political right. And, if we want to make any progress, both sides need to knock it off. You can’t stop them from doing it only because you can’t control their behavior; you can, however, control your own.

  3. Because only boys like X-Men merchandise. -.-

    Anyway, I can’t help but think that there’s some mean joke behind this. That’s an odd place to put a figure; and in this day and age when it’s so easy to offend people you’d think someone would notice that and be like “maybe we should shift him just a little higher or lower so that it’s not exactly dead center on his crotch.” It probably was not intentional; but I know that there is at least one person in any number of people with their head deep enough in the gutter that that was noticed, laughed over, and probably then just waved off. I know no harm is ultimately done by this; but for some reason that makes me angry.

  4. @ Jacin B

    When the conservative, “Christian” right stops pumping MILLIONS of dollars into legislation that promotes bigotry and homophobia, then you might have a place to talk. Until then, you just come off sounding like a goofball.

  5. I would like to just include my opinion. First off I’m not American but as far as I know the “far right” in America gives the idea of conservative values a bad reputation. I will freely identify as highly conservative, or at least I used to, I’m not so sure anymore, but I am nothing like them. If I was to be homphobic I am starting to suspect I’d have to hate myself somewhat. Anyway, I won’t argue about what this Far Right in America is like, I have no experience, but speaking as a Conservative Catholic who also lives what to some might appear an alternative lifestyle I disagree with the condition that all conservative christians are homophobic. I find the product in question slightly amusing but I have no trouble believing somebody might just not have noticed. I’ve done a few things myself without thinking and then afterwards stood back and seen what it looks like to others. The sort of thinking being satired by the original article is people I suspect have their own problems but instead of facing them they respond by striking out at perceived conspiracies. People in control of governments and companies have better things to do, like running the country or their business, without wasting time and money playing tricks on people. Thinking the man is out ot get you mean’s you’re a megalomaniac who thinks the world revolves around you. Also you’re paranoid.

  6. Well not all Christians in the world are this simple minded… (I’m pointing to myself). And it’s not like Christians are the only people in the world that are willing to let their Jesus books get in the way of realizing that their talking about real people, not satan spawns.

    I know my other Christian friends have a very open mind on subjects such as these and we find propoganda like this has no place in the Cristian lifestyle.

  7. I’m Christian, attended and graduated from a Christian university and I fully understand what Stephen was saying, Christians much like any other group can get ridiculously bent out of shape over small things. There have been many many book burnings amongst mainstream religious groups and book bannings. Harry Potter, which in all my reading has never come across as being intended to switch children into being wiccans, was burned by churches all across the U.S. when it came out. Instead of simply having your child excused from reading Tom Sawyer because of a particular character’s name or To Kill A Mockingbird because of historically relevant events, people pushing their own agenda get the books banned. Sorry for anyone who takes this in any wrong way, I’ve just grown up around some Christians who just pick fights for no good reason and who want to push their opinions and beliefs upon everyone else.

  8. something_funny on

    That’s wicked funny! Chances are that Marvel had absolutely nothing to do w/ its creation though. They sell production rights to companies who do the merchandising. By the quality of the printing and the logo being used I would guess that it might even be a Mexican or Chinese bootleg. Homosexual agendas? Are there really any sane people left in the world who think gays have some clandestine plot? Sorry but that’s a decidedly Christian trait. Knights Templar? Illuminati? The Crusades? The Inquisition? Manifest Destiny? Missionaries? Native American Relocation? Small Pox Blankets? Sneaking “in god we trust” into everything? Ex-Gay torture camps? Book burnings? The Rock & Roll trials? The Comics code of America? The FCC? The dumbing down of American children over the last 8 years? No, the Christians never do anything bad. They’re just misunderstood…Organized religion is a terrible thing!

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