Yup, another announcement from Marvel about one of its comics selling out at the distributor level (although copies may still be available at the retail level).  This time it is Andy Diggle’s Thunderbolts #129, which is the third Thunderbolts issue in a row that has sold out.

The $2.99 reprint arrives April 1, 2009 and features a variant cover that uses the interior artwork by Roberto De La Torre.


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  1. Lifeisaglitch on

    I feel like there is a lack of comments on this site regarding Dark Reign and i wonder if its because people are afraid of writing that DR so far has rocked…I know i feel like im jinxing it just by writing this. CW was good SI was bad i can see why people are on the fence especially because events are peoples pet peeve of the year…buuuuuut i really like DR so far and Norman Osbourne feels like the first Marvel villain too me, besides Magneto (No offense Doom) who holds a candle too the DC villains.

    • I think there are a lot of people burned out on Marvel and DC’s event sagas, and there may be those who are not reading Dark Reign because of that. That being said, I really like the idea of the bad guys taking over and running things. What would make Dark Reign more interesting is to let the story run its course for about three or four years before the bad guys are taken down (by the return of Steve Rogers?). Unfortunately, things will return to status quo by this time next year, and all the really good stories that could come from a Marvel Universe ruled by the bad guys, will have to be relegated to What If? and mini-series that take are released years after the main event. While I may not read Hercules or Hulk, I like how Marvel handled Hercules taking over the Hulk title. That same thing needs to happen with Dark Reign. Make the world one of the worst places imaginable to live in as far as freedom is concerned, wear down the moral of its citizens (and the readers), then return everything back to its glory in a huge Internet cracking storyline that will have everyone buzzing for years to come. You can’t do that in a year — well you can, but you can’t do it well — and that’s why at the end of the day, people are going to say, “Planet Hulk? Dark Reign? What the hell are you talking about crazy person?”

  2. Lifeisaglitch Says:
    DR so far and Norman Osbourne feels like the first Marvel villain too me, besides Magneto (No offense Doom) who holds a candle too the DC villains.
    In a way, Spider-Man now has the arch enemies of DC’s top 2 heroes in one package. Osborn is becoming Marvel’s Lex Luthor.

    The best thing about Dark Reign is the future tie-ins that will allow Marvel to bring back some old school villains, real villains who do what they do best on a grand scale. No playing hero, just death and chaos. Not to say I don’t like the DA or the Cabal and their schemes, but it will be nice to see villains being villainous again.

    The best part of TB #129 was the appearance of Songbird.

  3. I haven’t touched DR, why you say? Well, because yes I was highly enraged by Secret Invasion, WWH, etc. Oh no Osbourne has taken over…why the hell would Marvel do that? Thats a What If… oh and Stephen I believe you are referring to Earth X, where in which Cap does become one of the main saviors and Osbourne was president. Its been done, and I was fine with the way things were pre-Secret Invasion. Stop building and rebuilding the universe Marvel, and stick to something more solid than aliens attack!…every comic…

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