Once again, it’s all about Matthew.  This week were pitting Matthew’s two favorite comic book characters of all time against one another in an arena of death.  On the Marvel side we have Mimic, once a member of the X-Men, he has the ability to copy peoples skills at will.  On the DC side we present Blok, the stoic stone hero from the Legion of Super-Heroes.


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  1. Eye-Roller Lass on

    COME ON! Be serious, nobody beats the M&*&F%* Blok!
    (Maybe psichotic space pirates, but I’m not even sure that’s in continuity anymore)

  2. Eye-Roller Lass on

    M&*&F%* Mimic doesn’t soud as cool.
    Plus, I don’t know him, but if he has all the angst of the X-Men, he must be a huge pain. Even nice, sweet Blok migh feel tempted to reenact the famous Darkside face punch.

    Blok can protect you from stuff AND hang out with you in the library! He’s a book (er, holo-future-record thingy) nerd!

  3. As anyone who has read my post can attest, I know my Legion. I know my X-men up until Joss whedon took over. I dropped it when I read it only out of habit and not for enjoyment.
    This being said I believe that Mimic will win if for no other reason than the fact that BLOK STINKS OF POOPY!!! (That was for you Matthew)

    Seriously, I believe Mimic will win because he has the power of Cyclops who can blow up a Mutha F^(%!n Mountain. While Blok is of Dryad and super dense (in the head) and strong, His people were blowed up reeeeeeeeal gooooood!(Southern accent). His is what mountains are made of. As his people age, they become large stone ents. Not caring about anything but sitting on their fat @$$ for eternity. They become the very rocks they resemble, which is why the colonists of Dryad never realized that there was any indiginous life on the planet.

    Lastly Roxxas the Butcher made Blok into a 3-D puzzle using a big gun. I believe that Mimic can top that.

  4. I vote for Mimic, but I only know the Mimic from Exiles. Did Blok spend several years on a planet infested with Xenomorph copies?

  5. Blok. I’ve never seen in-continuity Mimic, only the (admittedly pretty cool) Exiles Mimic. Blok, however, has two things going for him – he’s in the Legion, and he’s attached to my favorite Legionnaire, White Witch. He wins.

  6. In-continuity Mimic hasn’t had too many great moments, although he did take down the Super-Adaptoid and the Puppet Master pretty much single-handedly, and anyone who fucks with Cyclops’ mind is alright by me.

  7. Wow this poll isn’t going to good. I think X-men are the most overated franchise, and Legion the leastrated….oddly enough I own Mimic’s first appearance, but don’t have Blok’s.

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