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In this week’s issue, we do what we do what we do… Rodrigo doesn’t see the point in voting for a lesser evil… Steve knows what evil lurks in the heart’s of fanboys (but not much else…) Matthew is smitten times two, but will they kiss? Plus: Doctor Peter Coogan returns for an analysis of why the other geeks are all better than you (and by you, I mean Stephen) and why they do that voodoo that they do so very well. Also, we wanna hear what you wanna hear! plus: Matthew delves into poetry.


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Major Spoilers Podcast One Year Old!
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Written by Jeff Lester, William Messner-Loebs
Drawn by Jeremy Rock, Chee

The NECRONOMICON team of William Messner-Loebs and Andrew Ritchie return for Arkham SVU! That’s Spectral Victims Unit, in case you didn’t know. Cover artist Shane Oakley writes up a story of the sea and one strange child in Whistle For the Deep!

New Exiles #18

They WERE the New Exiles…but after last issue’s shocking ending and a loss that will tear them apart, how can our heroes possibly continue? The answers await you here, true believers, along with clues as to what the future holds for our favorite dimension jumpers! Join X-Maestro
Chris Claremont for a bittersweet chapter we can only call “BEGIN ANEW”!

Tangent: Superman’s Reign #12
Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by Carlos Magno and Julio Ferreira
Cover by Dan Jurgens and Will Conrad

The duel universe-spanning epic concludes as the Justice League of America attempts to rally against Tangent Superman. It all comes down to one last-ditch effort as all hope remains with one lone individual. Who’s this being, and what’s their relationship to the Man of Telekinesis? And what will become of the Tangent Universe?

Everyone knows it’s all about Matthew, as listeners and readers hang on to his every word. In two recent MSP episodes, Matthew proclaimed his love for Romona Flowers from the Scott Pilgrim series and Monique from the web comic Sinfest. As there can only be one – who is going to win? It’s a cartoon cat-fight in this week’s Major Spoilers Poll of the Week!


A) Ramona Flowers
B) Monique

Fan Films
Who would swing off a six-story building for a homemade Spider-Man movie? Why would newlyweds spend $20,000 on a Star Wars film from which they can never profit? How did three nobodies blow Steven Spielberg’s mind with an Indiana Jones flick they made as teens in the Eighties?

They’re all part of the Fan Film revolution–an underground movement where backyard filmmakers are breaking the law to create unauthorized movies starring Batman, James Bond, Captain Kirk, Harry Potter and other classic characters. Regular people are making movies that the fans want to see–and which copyrights and common sense would never allow.

Joining in the discussion this week is Dr. Peter Coogan and Clive Young.
Dr. Peter M. Coogan writes about comics, is the director of the Institute for Comics Studies and co-founder and co-chair of the Comic Arts Conference, which runs during the San Diego Comic-Con International and San Francisco WonderCon.

Clive Young is the senior editor of Pro Sound News, and is a regular contributor to MTV to Go, Videography magazine,, and many more. His latest book, Homemade Hollywood: Fans Behind the Camera hit bookstores in November 2008, and he joins us on the show this week.

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Music from this episode comes from Armin Brewer (intro) and James Kennison (closing) from the Nobody’s Listening Podcast. A big thanks to both of these guys for creating kick-ass music for the show!

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Stephen Schleicher began his career writing for the Digital Media Online community of sites, including Digital Producer and Creative Mac covering all aspects of the digital content creation industry. He then moved on to consumer technology, and began the Coolness Roundup podcast. A writing fool, Stephen has freelanced for Sci-Fi Channel's Technology Blog, and Gizmodo. Still longing for the good ol' days, Stephen launched Major Spoilers in July 2006, because he is a glutton for punishment. You can follow him on Twitter @MajorSpoilers and tell him your darkest secrets...


  1. Obama as superhero? Please, do all our forms of escapism and entertainment have to be over analyzed, politicized and quantified to fulfill some academician’s publish or perish tenure requirement?

    I love your podcast and thanks for all the hard work but, for this episode, thank god for fast forward!

  2. Thank goodness that the fast forward does exist so the folks that don’t care to hear something don’t have to, while still keeping interesting content in tact for the rest of us. I really loved the academic POV of comics and the superhero archetype Dr. Coogan presented. I appreciate that you included it and I hope that you continue to push some areas and ideas that may not appeal to all listeners but that still needs to be included in the dialogue of comics.

  3. Ever since Sinfest’s Obama going to meeting of the JLA with the reveal he’s Superman it’s been hard to see him as anything other then a super hero.
    Cool broadcast, very profesional, I missed the F bombs and silliness overload thou :-)

  4. Not really, But then again given the seriousness of the last hour and half it wouldn’t have been appropriate. I just realised I listened 5 adults talk for 2 hours about comic books, movies and fan films. Cosmic!

  5. Mr. Schleicher. This was one of my favourite shows of all time.
    with everything that I heard during this podcast, my favourite line was regarding Blok!!

    Nice job sir!!

    I can see that you are not afeared of the Mr. Peterson fellow.

    • Slappy: What goes around comes around I suppose… Matthew and I are constantly jabbing each other with comments (it’s all in good fun) – Matthew more than me, simply because I’m the kinder gentler host :D

    • M to the P: I wondered the same thing too, because if those two fat dudes are us, I’m rather upset that my gut is hanging out from my shirt – WHICH IT MOST CERTAINLY DOES NOT! Rodrigo is now on the official “your on my list” list.

  6. Episode swayed me somewhat on my views on fan films. Good episode, liked the interviews. Question: Is it a scheduling thing when its only Stephen and the interviewee, or when it’s the trio and the interviewee?

  7. Great episode, good topic, and knowledgeable guests. I think fan films and fan fiction are fine exercises and they can be a lot of fun.

    When ‘fan writers’ took over the writing of Marvel and DC’s superhero books, that was the end of me being able to enjoy them. Every one of these ‘fan’ writers felt the need to leave a lasting mark on books and characters with the end result of every single new writer undoing, redoing or retconning the things that they personally didn’t like about previous stories. This became especially prevalent in the late 90’s early 2000’s with what might be called the second generation of ‘fan writers’.

    This, in turn, led to the, “and nothing will ever be the same” description that seemingly appears in 80% of the solicitations in Previews. It also meant, to me at least, no story I would read would ultimately have any meaning, and I ended up walking away.

    I still occasionally read trades and graphic novels, but I want well written stories that have satisfying endings without the need for every event to upset the status quo. When the status quo is upset 3 or 4 times a year their is no status quo.

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