Dynamite Entertainment has sent Major Spoilers the cover images and solictiation information for titles arriving in May 2009.  Of interest is the Buck Rogers #0 issue, which will sell for 25-cents.

BuckRogers00cov-Cassaday.jpgBUCK ROGERS #0
Scott Beatty (W) Carlos Rafael (A) Main Cover: John Cassaday, Sneak Peek Cover: Alex Ross

16 pages FC – $0.25

Join us as we present comicdom’s first hero — Buck Rogers… the first man out of time… the first man to be taken out of his present environment and put into the future!

The launch of Buck Rogers is in the tradition of Dynamite’s best-selling books at introductory pricing to allow readers and retailers to confidently order and check out our new series! Under a John Cassaday cover (Cassaday serves as series cover artist), writer Scott (Batman) Beatty and artist Carlos Rafael present an original 12 page comic book adventure – “The Death of Buck Rogers”! This is where it all begins and Dynamite’s plans for Buck Rogers follow the model that they’ve followed over the years beginning with Red Sonja, embracing the history of such classic characters, but giving them a modern edge for today’s audiences!  All this, and for a quarter to introduce you to the new canon of Buck Rogers!

Look for the Alex Ross Sneak Peek cover, featuring a look at Ross’ cover to issue #1 of the Dynamite series!
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Herogasm01covRobertson.jpgTHE BOYS: HEROGASM #1
Garth Ennis (W) John McCrea (A) Cover: Darick Robertson

32 pages FC – $2.99

An evil so profound it threatens all mankind… the mightiest heroes on the planet uniting to defend us all… a secret crisis of such utter finality that a countdown to civil or infinite war seems unavoidable… but have you ever wondered what really happens during Crossovers? The Seven, Payback, Teenage Kix, Fantastico and every other supe on Earth team up for an annual event like no other… and where the supes go, can a certain “five complications and a dog” be far behind? Vought-American prepare to make their move, in a story that will change the world of the Boys forever: Herogasm #1.

The first-ever Boys spin-off mini-series features the pairing of Ennis with Hitman artist John McCrea and covers by Boys artist and co-creator Darick Robertson!

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Leah Moore, John Reppion (W) Aaron Campbell (A) Cover: John Cassaday

32 pages FC – $3.50

Continuing their new exploration of literary icons, Dynamite Entertainment presents the ultimate mystery as they unveil Sherlock Holmes!

Written by Leah Moore and John Reppion with reverence and a modern edge, artist Aaron Douglas completes the Victorian mood under the  striking and iconic John Cassaday covers.

Issue #1 begins the “Trial of Sherlock Holmes” which presents the great detective with an all-too personal quandary and explores the nature of the man and his world with a mix of refined ambiance, carefully crafted mystery and chilling suspense!

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Boys30-Cov-Lee.jpgBoys30-Cov-Robertson.jpgTHE BOYS #30
Garth Ennis (W) Darick Robertson (A) Covers: Darick Robertson, Jim Lee

32 pages FC – $2.99

In the grim aftermath of “We Gotta Go Now”, everyone takes a much needed pause for breath. Vought-American tidy up the loose ends, Mother’s Milk delivers some bad news, and the Frenchman makes one last appeal for reason- unfortunately, it’s to the Female. Meanwhile, Hughie’s not sure he can go on at all, in light of what he’s witnessed, and Butcher goes to visit Rayner- with anything but romance on his mind…

All under a set of covers, one by Robertson and the other a special alternate cover by Jim Lee! Plus, a select group of artists provides a special gallery of Boys pin-ups! Issue #30 is the biggest and best yet!

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Garth Ennis (W) Carlos Ezquerra (A) Cover: John Cassaday

32 pages FC – $3.50

The death ride of the British armoured divisions continues as German resistance intensifies, littering the Normandy countryside with smashed tanks and bloody bodies.  Meanwhile, Corporal Stiles and his crew continue their quest to rejoin their unit- assuming there’s a unit left to rejoin. Worse still, mutiny begins to rear its head- at the worst possible time, with hungry Tigers on the prowl…

Masq04Cov-Ross.jpgMASQUERADE #4
Alex Ross, Phil Hester (W) Carlos Paul (A) Main Cover: Alex Ross, Chase Cover: Carlos Paul

32 pages FC – .$3.50

As Masquerade’s quest concludes, and more of her secrets are revealed, the entire scope of the Superpowers world comes into sharp focus as the nature of the Fighting Yank and his one-man crusade change the world forever!

From Dynamite, Alex Ross, Phil Hester and Carlos Paul!

Also available: Limited edition Alex Ross foil cover
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CompDrac02cov-Cassaday.jpgTHE COMPLETE DRACULA #2
Bram Stoker, Leah Moore, John Reppion (W) Colton Worley (A), Cover: John Cassaday

40 pages FC  – $4.99

Dynamite presents an unprecedented comic book series starring the Lord of the Undead – Dracula! Writers John Reppion and Leah Moore are joined by painter Colton Worley for a 5 issue odyssey of life, death and the blood that flows within us all!

This fully-painted series features a massive 32 pages of story and art per issue, each page fully-painted in a rich, moody style by Worley, all under covers by modern master John Cassaday! Join us for this authentic and exhaustive adaptation by Moore and Reppion, who also provide bonus materials such as script pages, annotations and samplings of the original text by Stoker!

RS46cov-Rubi.jpgRED SONJA #46
Brian Reed (W) Walter Geovanni (A) Covers: Mel Rubi, Adriano Batista, Fabiano Neves

32 pages FC – $2.99

As Sonja and Osin continue to explore and quest for the Blood Dynasty, events are in motion that set the stage for the next phase of the She-Devil’s life as Dynamite promises BIG things on the march to issue #50!

Featuring another amazing trio of covers by Mel Rubi, Adriano Batista and Fabiano Neves!

DeadIrons04Cov-Lee.jpgDEAD IRONS #4 (of 4)
James Kuhoric (W) Jason Shawn Alexander (A) Main Cover: Jae Lee, Chase Cover: Jason Shawn Alexander

32 pages FC – $3.99

The cursed siblings are drawn to the cult compound of Devin Irons and the reborn abomination wearing the skin of their mother.  An army of 99 innocent souls under the demonic influence of their father stand in the way of this long coming family reunion.  As the blood spills into the streets, the final dark ritual is enacted and an otherworldly force begins to seep into our reality.

When Silas uncovers the carnage unleashed by his siblings he must walk in their steps to end the curse of the family line.  But even his righteous anger pales in comparison to the power that has been unleashed in the wake of the slaughter.  It’s the final supernatural showdown as the Irons collide and nothing can stand between the raw hatred of a manipulative father and years of unimaginable horror endured by an abused son.

Six guns and the supernatural collide in the explosive conclusion to the Dead Irons saga.  Written by James Kuhoric (Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash), illustrated by Jason Shawn Alexander (BPRD), and based on character designs and art direction by Jae Lee (The Dark Tower).

SupZomb03 Cov-Neves-NotFinal.jpgSupZomb03 Cov-Rubi-NotFinal.jpgSUPER ZOMBIES #3
Marc Guggenheim, Vince Gonzales (W) Mel Rubi (A) Covers: Mel Rubi, Fabiano Neves

32 pages FC – .$3.50

Uneasy alliances are formed as Neuron makes a fateful and important decision concerning the nature of the plague…

The action and excitement continue from Dynamite, Guggenheim, Gonzales and Rubi!

Seamus Fahey, David Reed (W) Nigel Raynor (A) Covers: Mel Rubi, Nigel Raynor

40 pages FC – $3.99

The term “Final Five” collectively describes five of the twelve Cylon humanoid models whose identity, knowledge, or existence has been deliberately or accidentally lost to the seven other humanoid Cylon models. — Battlestar Wikipedia

The final season of Battlestar Galactica has been an amazing experience, and Dynamite’s Final Five series promises to reveal all! The Final Five is a must-have series for all Galactica and Sci Fi fans!

AOD22cov-Cohn.jpgARMY OF DARKNESS #22
Mike Raicht (W), Scott Cohn (A) Cover: Scott Cohn

32 pages FC – $3.50

After the events of Ash’s whirlwind trip overseas, the life of the Chosen One is about to take yet another unexpected turn! All thanks to writer Mike Raicht and artist Scott Cohn!

Alex Ross, Jim Krueger (W) Carlos Paul, Stephen Sadowski, Doug Klauba, Alex Ross (A) Cover: Alex Ross

264 page trade paperback – $19.99

DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT and Alex Ross unleash the SUPERPOWERS! This explosive series features story crafted by Justice collaborators Alex Ross and Jim Kruger, joined by artists Stephen Sadowksi, Doug Klauba, Carlos Paul, Deb Carita and additional art by Alex Ross.

This special collected edition features PROJECT SUPERPOWERS #0-7, character bios and art by Alex Ross, Ross sketches, designs and unseen artwork.

Garth Ennis (W) Carlos Ezquerra (A) Cover: Marc Texeira

240 page trade paperback – $24.99

Featuring the dark humor associated with Ennis’ most infamous work, Just a Pilgrim is collected here in one volume for the first time. Return to Ennis’ hopeless, yet fascinating post apocalyptic world brilliantly illustrated by artist Carlos Ezquerra!

This collection features both Just A Pilgrim mini-series as well as a complete cover gallery, pin-ups, sketches and more!

BoysDefinDJ2ndPrint-Robertson.jpgTHE BOYS DEFINITIVE EDITION VOLUME 1 HC 2nd Print
Garth Ennis (W) Darick Robertson, Peter Snejbjerg (A) Cover: Darick Robertson

368 page hardcover – $75.00

The first printing of the massive Boys Definitive Edition is SOLD-OUT! For any fan that missed out, have no fear, because Dynamite is going back to press for another round of hardcover editions! Don’t miss out a second time, place your order with your local retailer TODAY!

Frank Miller (W) Simon Bisley (A) Cover: Frank Miller

48 page hardcover – $14.99

Bad Boy features Jason, a little boy who comes to realize his parents aren’t his parents, and that he’s part of a sterile experimental community. Originally produced as a strip for the British Edition of GQ, Bad Boy is now a powerful piece of graphic fiction as only Miller and Bisley can produce!

Featuring a cover by Miller, created exclusively for this Dynamite Hardcover Edition, this new second printing presents the lost classic as the creators originally envisioned! Recommended for Mature Readers.

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