Scott Pilgrim comic book review

In this issue, the last son of Gallifrey gets animated, British superheroes cross the Atlantic, there can be only one! My love for you is like a truck… BERZERKER! Plus: Ragnarok and roll is here to stay, the goddamn Riddler’s got to go, two ladies in tiny costume go head to head…Plus: McLovin WINS! And evil exes doesn’t always mean boyfriends, jadies and lentilmen. Remember to keep your head and arms inside the mixer at all times, put on your safety goggles and PREPARE to REPAIR… The Major Spoilers podcast is air!


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Anime Doctor Who reactions

goddamn Riddler

No Heroics Comes to ABC

Berserker #0 (Top Cow)
(W) Rick Loverd (A) Jeremy Haun (Cov) Dale Keown
Jump on board the new comic series produced by “Heroes” star Milo Ventimiglia and his DiVide Pictures partner, Russ Cundiff. Created by screenwriter Rick Loverd, Berserker combines elements of superheroes with Norse mythology and weaves in the very human themes of self-worth, courage and determination. Throw in some bone-crushing violence and punch-in-the-mouth action and you’ve got a recipe for a great Top Cow book!

Yeah, we're going to hell...Matthew
Avengers: The Initiative #21

THE INITIATIVE DISASSEMBLED begins here! The Fifty State Initiative stands revealed as a Skrull plot. Key personnel have left Camp Hammond, never to return. And that’s the least of the shocking fallout from Secret Invasion. Is there a future for our heroes? It could be a moot question when the mad clone of Thor, last seen in CIVIL WAR, is revived and turned loose on Stamford! This is no idle hype, True Believer–after this story, the Initiative will never be the same!

HIGHLANDER ORIGINS: KURGAN #2 (OF 2) (Dynamite Entertainment)
Writer: Brandon Jerwa
Penciller: Carlos Rafael
Covers: Carlos Rafael(50%) and Carlos Rafael (50%)
Colorist: Carlos Lopez

Highlander mastermind Brand Jerwa returns to the mythos with a special 2 issue mini-series event telling the origin of the barbaric Kurgan for the first time ever!

Joined by artist Carlos Rafael – who also provides two incredible covers — Highlander ORIGINS: KURGAN #2 (OF 2) is the definitive tale of the immortal Kurgan, Connor MacLeod’s most deadly foe!

This week, we return to the battle between the characters from Alan Moore’s Watchmen series, and the original characters that inspired them. This week, it’s the battle of the ladies, as Silk Spectre wrestles with… well, there is no direct Charlton character that inspired Silk Spectre, but Alan Moore did say she is a cross between Phantom Lady and Black Canary. So, let’s go with Phantom Lady.


A) Phantom Lady
B) Silk Spectre


Scott Pilgrim Volumes 1 – 5
The series is about 24-year-old Canadian Scott Pilgrim, a slacker, hero, wannabe-rockstar, who is living in Toronto and playing bass in the band “Sex Bob-Omb.” He falls in love with American delivery girl Ramona V. Flowers, but must defeat her seven “evil ex-boyfriends” in order to date her.

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  1. No Heroic is filled with sex, sex references, inuendos and some real bad language, still funnier then most 30 minutes comedies out there thou. Hell, Time Bomb, the gay superhero who can see 60 seconds in the futur, says to a guy stopping him from getting to the bar’s bathroom (who asked a password, just to bully people around): “move or I’ll rape and kill you” and the guy and his friends all freeze and he finally answers in weak voice “close enough” at lets him pass.
    In the US killing, beheading and torturing is fine as long as there is no bad laguage, they would never show the original.

    It’s the so called “South Park: longer, bigger and uncut” syndrome…

    P.S.- My stomach still hurts about your “Special Invasion” comment LOL!

  2. Ay, I just could not get into Scott Pilgrim. I tried to read the first volume and it annoyed me in the same way that Juno annoys me. And I’m supposed to be part of the target demographic. It just felt like it tried too hard to be quirky and hipsterish. But I will say that Michael Cera was a good casting choice.

  3. @Turks


    Also Stephen said: Blow his load so we can all enjoy it….that sentence had me rolling on the floor.

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