A vampire kitty?  Swell.


The vampires have taken over – turn on the television, and they’re all over HBO, go to the theater, and Twilight is the flick all the girls are going ga-gag for.  These vamps pale (no pun intended) to the franchise that made kicking vampire butt fun, but unfortunately in the Buffy-verse the vampires have become just as popular as they have in our world.

buffy22cover.jpgWhat’s worse than a sugar coated spoiled vampire that has worked her way into the hearts and homes of the world?  Merchandise!  Harmony has taken her vampire fame to new heights, and even though she’s spending her time using the media to turn the public against the slayers, she’s also trying to figure out ways to make a fast buck with tie-in products.  It’s just too bad there’s something evil about these cute cuddwey widdle fwuffy kitties…

But I digress.

It’s been a while since readers have seen Satsu getting it on with everyone’s favorite slayer, and since Buffy has sent her to Japan to head up the local union of femme fatales, she’s had very little page time.  Satsu takes center stage this issue,  which means the topic of her sexuality is going to come up.  Instead of getting Buffy involved in the drama, readers get to see the other famous gay slayer, Kennedy, stop by to check on her progress.

A lot of the issue revolves around Kennedy and Satsu arguing over their sexuality, with Kennedy trying to drill it into Satsu’s head that she needs to let her infatuation with Buffy go and find someone else.  It’s a subject that’s needed to be touched on to give fans a sense of closure on the subject. By the end of the issue, Satsu understands Kennedy’s point of view, but with the innuendoes spread throughout the issue, it is unclear if Kennedy is hinting the two of them should hook up or not.    It’s an interesting sub-plot created by Steven S. DeKnight, and one that will probably be picked up on months down the road.

Beyond “the talk”, the slayers end up fighting a new group of beasties called the Swell.  These demons have taken the form of Harmony’s cuddly, widdle, fwuffy, kitties, but these aren’t the kind of toys you want to squeeze.  In fact, you’ll probably want to run the other direction, as these toys have the nasty habit of crawling down people’s throats and devouring them from the inside, all the while controlling their hosts minds and actions.  It’s pretty gruesome when Satsu is infected with one of the imps and the only way to get it out (beyond killing her) is for her to puke it up. Yeah, that’s a sight you want to see – hot asian slayer barfing up all over your Chippendale.

By issues end, readers discover that it’s Twilight that is behind this latest escapade.  I knew Stephenie Meyer was behind the plot to bring slayers down!

Even better than four inch imps running around, and trying to jump down your throat, Buffy the vampire slayer features giant monsters, a submarine, exploding ships, cinnamon lip gloss, Larry King, and Vampy Cat!

This is the second issue in a row, where Buffy only makes a cameo appearance to relay an important message to the troops before moving on to her next all important meeting of the day.  I don’t mind these brief appearances, as if this really were a television season, the star might have had other commitments that forced the writers to work around her schedule — at least that is how it seems to this reviewer.  That being said, it’s probably a good idea to get the title character back in the spotlight next issue.  Even with minimum Buffy, I still enjoyed this issue a great deal.  Hardcore Buffy fans have probably already picked up their copies, but if you haven’t, Buffy the Vampire Slayer #22 is worth the price of admission ($2.99 in this case), and earns 4 out of 5 Stars.



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  1. I loved this issue, not just for watching Harmony grow as a.. er… vamperson, but for the fact that the slayers are becoming more and more like a paramilitary unit – now with a sub! Even though the ‘feds’ are after Buffy, I would love to see the arc shift to include an appearance by Riley Finn, his wife Sam, and Graham.

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