This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast, the Major Spoilers Crew is taking a deep long look at Tatsuya Ishida’s most awesome webcomic Sinfest.

From the Wiki:

The subject matter of Sinfest is often human nature, with particular attention paid to sexuality and religion. Less frequently, the strip will parody popular culture or indulge in political commentary. There are some recurring types of strip, such as “You Had to Be There” (where the reader is not told what the characters are discussing), “Japanese Calligraphy” (where one of the characters transforms over four panels into a kanji ideograph, usually related to the strip in some way.), “Porn Script Readings” (where Monique and Slick read porn star dialogue in deadpan style, except for once where they used flash cards for a Silent Film reading) and “Ninja Theatre” (where the characters take on the roles of heroes and villains in a martial arts movie). Though there is little in the way of overarching story or continuity in Sinfest, the central characters do undergo some development.

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  1. …. wow. I.. Just… Wow! This might be the first podcast I ever listen to, THAT is how much I enjoy the Sinfest. Got hooked on it in the 90’s, and it’s still rocking strong (and possibly even STRONGER) in the Aughts. If I had anything original or creative to say, I would even contribute some kinda comment beyond “fandrool!!!”. I don’t, however, so these scribblings are all I give ye.

  2. Hey, you guys are going to be making webcomics a regular thing, could you please review sam and fuzzy next? ( I promise you’ll love the absolutely epic storyline that it follows in volume 4 (and the build up to it in volumes 1-3).

  3. To quote Homer Simpson: “God is my favorite fictional character” is a nice web comic for transformer fans by the way…

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