I have absolutely no information on the release date or pricing of these statues, but I can guarantee you one thing; I will be buying and displaying every single one of these works of art.  These are so much better than those Women of the DCU statues that had half the bodies cut off and embedded in a pillar.

Pricing $99 each
Wonder Woman – June 2009
Zatanna – August 2009
Catwoman – October 2009

Black Canary – November 2009

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  1. Zeeriffic!!!!!!!! Man, I wish I had disposable income.. :( You folks hiring at Stately Spoilers Mansion? (thassa joke. ha. :D )

  2. Those are insane. The only rival these have is the Bishoujo Black Widow and Rogue figures from Kotobukiya. Double drool

  3. Good grief — couldn’t they find any female DC heroes who wear pants to make statues of??? And why is Zatanna’s vest about to fall off her chest?


  4. @brainypirate

    The anime figure magical girl Zatanna’s chest is like that (which looks really weird because in the face she looks like she’s ten). The Wonder Woman one looks older but with a smaller size (surprise there). It’s something about the costume, I guess.

  5. Thanks, Esther. I thought maybe these had been modeled on stripper costumes….

    I ran across the new Dark Avengers mag the other day and there was a shot of Ms. Marvel’s back: the bottom part of her costume was practically a thong! Yikes!

    We really need to get more women artists in the comics, don’t we?

  6. Actually, you do have release date information for them. The last pic has placement cards with the following dates:

    Wonder Woman – June 2009
    Zatanna – August 2009
    Catwoman – October 2009
    Black Canary – November 2009

    I will have to have that Black Canary…

  7. can u imagine what a power girl statue would look like / soft porn would be the case because everyone in the DC company makes the poor girl look like a candidate for a breast reduction

  8. I want to see if the statues of the men play up the guys’ packages, butts, nipples, etc. Who do you think is packing more heat: Lantern or Flash? Or the better butt: Supes or Bats — no wait, they both have capes…. Hmmm….

    If you’re going to eroticize the figures, you better do it for both genders…. ;)

  9. Wow, it’s amazing how closely they translate the original 2D images to 3D – how do they do that?!

    @brainypirate : I suppose the simple answer as to why they’re all eroticized is in the title: “Adam Hughes Statues” :P

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