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  1. @Hermit

    Yes..yes they do MWAHAHAHA…NO man at that age should wear camopants…that arent even..Mwahaha

    They should have stuck too the glamour shots of the Redhead and Snake Eyes.

  2. Sure the trailer was flashy and exciting, but when you stop and realize how Snake Eyes “armor” has detailed abs sculpted and probably Bat-nipples … it is a laughable affair. And just stop to ruminate on this one … we haven’t even seen Cobra Commander yet.

  3. They can’t rape my childhood. It’s already been violated several hundred times and buried in the desert in an unmarked grave.
    *checks IMDB*

    Well, ok… they can abuse the corpse a bit, I guess. The kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun in Cobra Commander. The Invisible Man from “Heroes” is Destro. Sienna Miller is Baroness, and I’ve never seen anything she’s been in. This cast doesn’t mean the movie will suck, but they don’t help offset the Dennis Quaid factor. He apparently does great work on “Made For Sci-Fi Channel” movies, but I don’t watch those because my doctor says that I can’t rip out my eyes anymore without suffering permanent damage.

  4. @Kurt

    The Invisible Man from “Heroes” is Destro ??? Thats Christopher Eccleston you are talking about good sir. Also Sienne Miller is awesome…and The kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun….as much as it pains me to admit has gathered some real actors cred these last few years…Its Dennis Quaid you should be worried about. But lets face it we are not going too see it because it used to be an awesome cartoon (Which it wasnt) or because of the cast… Darth Ninja Eyes- thats why people are looking forward too seeing this, him and a lot of CGI.

  5. Seen this trailer I’m not gonna be able to sleep thinking of what they’ll do to my favorite tv cartoon: Robotech…

    I hope they make it half decent, unlike GI Joe the plumber here.

  6. don’t knock the Quaid, man. Far From Heaven, Savior, Everybody’s All American, The Rookie… heck, even his genre stuff (Enemy Mine, Innerspace) got a leg up from his performances. If this movie tanks, it won’t be his fault.

    It’ll be the snake nipples…

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