February 18, 2009 will wrap up the Ultimate X-Men series with issue #100.  The same day sees the end of Ultimate Fantastic Four which had a mildly interesting 60-issue run.  The end of the series ties directly into Ultimatum from Marvel, which seems to be hell-bent on destroying the Ultimate Universe that spawned the whole Marvel Zomibe craze.  I’ve done a little digging, but after the last round of solicitations from Marvel, I’m more convinced all of Ultimate U is ending when Ultimate Spider-Man reaches issue #133.

Written by JOE POKASKI
White Variant Cover by ED MCGUINNESS

Rated A …$3.99

ULTIMATE X-MEN #100 (DEC082346)
Written by ARON E. COLEITE
Penciled by MARK BROOKS
White Variant Cover by ED MCGUINNESS

Rated T+ …$3.99

via Marvel


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  1. I know I said I wouldn’t look at Marvel again, but I just can’t help myself. I think I understand the people who keep buying a series they don’t like anymore better.

    Anywho… I’m glad that Ult FF and X-Men are coming to a close. Especially UXM since I feel that the book just got boring during the whole Phoenix thing. I would be open to an X-Men book that would start from the begining if (1) they kept Wolverine out of it for at least 20 issues and (2) when he does arrive he never becomes “the plot”.

  2. Ultimate Spiderman has rocked from issue 1. Nice move Marvel on taking a quality title from us. Thanks for the other perpetual crap you feed us monthly… I thought Ultimates was OK, but X-men didn’t do much for me and I gave up on them long ago… FF didn’t grab me either.

    I think they all made Marvel money and were in their top 25 each month… smart business decision Marvel. Why Marvel, Why?

    Ultimate Spidey… RIP.

    I agree on X-men… Wolverine is over used too much. I understand he sells issues if hes in them, but all he is, is a marketing crutch. If Ultimate Universe reboots, make an X-men series without him for 20 issues, like MaximusRift says. I challenge writers at Marvel to get away from Wolverine, and make Marvel issues sell on stories, not the Wolverine crutch.

  3. Since issue 1? Give me a break, every ultimate line that came in the beginning (Ultimates, Xmen, Spidey, and FF) was awesome until about

    isssue 30 for FF: when the artist changed and destroyed my world…and a weird alien epic came out along with the crappy art
    issue 12 for Ultimates: before they rewrote the story to make Thor’s imaginings real and introduce gods and magic to the universe all in one comic…ugh).
    Xmen (issue 60 or 70ish): things like making colossus gay and get with northstar (WHaT?),pheonix arc, wolverine cable, etc.
    Spidey:(around the same time I stopped reading Xmen) Starting the clone saga again, turning MJ into a red wookie, cheap attempts at reinventing strange, ironfist, moon knight, etc.

    Ultimate Universe was supposed to be more realistic (i.e. no magic, gods, militaristic style of Ultimates, etc.) and skip the stupid mistakes of old Marvel U (i.e. clone saga). Somewhere, someone forgot what they were trying to do with the Ulti U, or too many people just got fired…idk.

  4. So Ultimates might die but I think down the road Marvel might decide to make another cash grab with the same strategy. To get kids of another generation to start reading about their characters. This time they might call it Ultra Spiderman or X-Men Infinity, along those lines anyway.

    I was kind of upset about how DC’s Allstar line didn’t last long either!! I thought All Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder was a kick ass take on the characters because I’m the GODDAMN BATMAN!! YES!! LOVE IT!!

  5. you sicken me… although you are right about ultra omega fantastic four and/or x-men infinity to the extreme along the road

  6. I’m sad to see Ultimate X-Men go. I have every single issue of that series. I jumped ship on Ultimate FF after the Frightful arc in issues #30-32. I enjoyed Ultimates and Ultimates 2 except for the delays. Ultimates 3 was just eye candy for me, no substance. I never got into Spider-Man much but I did enjoy the Ulimate Six mini and same goes for both Ultimate Iron Man minis. A lot of the one-shots, annuals and crossovers have been mediocre.

    Sad to see the Ultimate Universe go.

    I think overall, other than the big event minis, I haven’t been too enthuised about any Marvel books. And I’ve been away from DC too long to jump in there.

    More and more I’ve been picking up trades of Walking Dead as soon as they come out (the only zombie-related book out there worth getting), and then going back and getting Invincible, Fables, The Boys, Ex Machina amongst others in trade form.

    Anything else I should start picking up?

  7. Akashic Brother on

    I am definitely sad to see the Ultimate Universe go the way of the toilet. It was the ONE bright, slightly less convoluted, continuity challenged spot in the whole Marvel Universe and because of that I enjoyed it immensely. I loved how it began as a more modern, realistic take on the Marvel universe. THIS was the universe that inspired the new Iron man movies. And I agree with some of the people above; somewhere along the way they lost their direction; Thor’s rapid metamorphosis from post modern Norse to a poor knock Conan the Barbarian reject with the hammer, complete with the Shakespearean dialog. He totally forgot his (human) origins as an eco-protector(nee terrorist to some) and became a mead swilling frat-boy, complete with blonde bimbo who gets killed less than a several issues after her introduction. The neo-realistic look of The Ultimates morphed into a pale copy of the The Avengers, complete with identical uniforms. At least Ultimate Cap stayed relatively true to his beginnings, a more hard edged, take no prisoners, soldier take on the classic Avenger. Ultimate Fantastic Four, for all it’s flaws was INFINITELY more enjoyable to read than it progenitor. The stories attempted to be fresh and restore the sense of science and breathtaking view of the universe. They didn’t always succeed, but they did much better that the original “oldsters” who’ve become mired in their geriatric thinking. (I have been picking up on the latest FF though, and have liked that they’re choosing, however briefly, to abstain from the whole colossal crossover-itis that’s been plaguing Marvel since Civil War. As for X-men, while I love the idea, they’re are so many books out now, I have no clue who’s doing what to whom, where or even why. And Wolverine is in so many different places at once every month (X-Men Legacy, X-Force, New Avengers, Wolverine Origins, blah blah blah) I’m starting to suspect his REAL mutant power is like Multiple Man’s. Too bad Marvel’s making the decision to trashcan the whole thing, but can’t say I’m surprised, only disappointed. At least there’s plenty of indie stuff out there to take up the slack in my weekly buying.

  8. You know since it seems Johnny’s dying, I wonder if the three X-Men in the air (Sorry I’m not looking at who at the moment) will also die, because that would make the covers look right

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