This week sees the “concluding” chapter of grant morrison’s Final Crisis.  Any predictions on what we’ll see, or not see?  Will this ending turn out to be the beginning of the next big story arc?  After all is said and done, will Final Crisis be looked at as a Triumph or an Utter Failure?

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  1. Considering that it still doesn’t make sense, ninety percent of the DCU seems to be ignoring it (again), and Didio’s now hyping Darkest Night, is it really a question?

  2. I love it, I’ll always love it. The best of the Crises, in my opinion, and far the superior to “Infinite”. We’ve had the return of Darkseid, the death of BATMAN, The Day Evil Won…and it was a rip-roaring exciting adventure!…but it was also thoughtfully and brilliantly written. I’ll be getting the Trade, if not the Hardcover.

  3. It’s not completely bad…it is fun to read and has some very cool badass moments, but my problem at the end is, how to bring Final Crisis and the other DC-Series together. It’s good that there’re not that much tie-ins, but the fact, that for example Green Lantern does not fit in Final Crisis (or New Krypton etc.etc) is really, really annoying..but we’ll see, perhaps everything will be clear at the end

  4. This is PURE guesswork, but I’m thinking that this will not be a “conclusion” to anything (judging by how Batman RIP did nothing but lead to Final Crisis and Cowl Wars) since that seems to be what G-Mo has problems with. I even remember reading somewhere that he had problems wrapping up Animal Man, when he was writing that. He admitted as much, if memory serves me, in one of his last issues. I recall him drawing himself into the book to explain that “I started with all these wacky fantastic ideas, and, like, yeah. Now I have no clue how to tie it all together except by getting all Fourth-Wall-Breaky.” So why would the most complicated thing he’s ever done be any different?

  5. You know what I would love right now? That all this stuff going on in Crisis was a drug induced hallucination by Batman after he gets hit by Joker’s new venom formula…

  6. Quick question, when does Final Crisis: Revelations take place? I mean The Question and Batwoman can’t be in two places at once. Which would mean Revelations takes place before Final Crisis 3, which makes no sense. By the way the mummy dude next to the Question looks like Clock King which puts Final Crisis after the current run of the DCU.

  7. Ricco, didn’t you get the memo? “[dirty word] Continuity!” was all it said, literally. I’m not sure if that means that there was a dirty word that was edited out, or if it indicates that “continuity” is a 4-letter word in the House That Supes Built.

    But seriously…. Actually, I got nothing serious to contribute. Sorryz g@ng. *lulz* (I found Salieri’s stash!! WOOOT!)

  8. I’m gonna have to agree with Salieri on this one. This book has been amazing. It’s not for everyone, sure. It’s not for those new to DC or with very little grasp on the past history of DC. The word “Final” in the title should have told you that. It’s a culmination of 70 years of DC history and does an amazing job of bring those entire 70 years to a climax, even going to far as to resolve loooong forgoten plot threads like Metron from Kirby’s original run saying he’s not one of the good New Gods or one of the evil ones, but “something different!” This book is an amazing conclusion to the trilogy of Crisises (going so far as to tell the secret origin of the original Monitor and Anti-Monitor (and all he new ones) from the first Crisis)and requires a fan whose been reading DC enough to know those stories and many others as a book called Final Crisis should. There are so many layers here and so much depth I can’t wait to reread it in collected form and pick through it with all the amazing annotations that have been coming out around the net at some of these places.

    Seriously not for everyone, but it shouldn’t be; it’s an amazing treat and a tie-in for EVERYTHING for long-time DC readers.

  9. @Fearing/Salieri: you guys do know drugs are illegal right?
    “This book is an amazing conclusion to the trilogy of Crisises (going so far as to tell the secret origin of the original Monitor and Anti-Monitor (and all he new ones) from the first Crisis)”
    That story is told in Crisis on Infinite Earths, It doesn’t even show up in Final Crisis.

    “it’s an amazing treat and a tie-in for EVERYTHING for long-time DC readers.” A tie-in that leaves countless loose ends, time paradoxes, continuity errors and general WTF? is not a tien-in I care for.

  10. And in addition to agreeing with Ricco, I am a _long_ time DC reader/obsessive, and this is not for me…. Everybody is entitled to their opinions, and that is merely mine. :D When a person needs to rely on other people to annotate and explain the story…. Meh. Not me cuppa tea, guv’nor. I’ll have coffee, if you please.

  11. Oh, and I shoulda typed this with my other bit, sorry for the double-post… If it isn’t for everybody, the company should not try to push it as THE CENTERPIECE EVENT OF THE CENTURY…. I mean, the ‘Tangent: Superman’s Reign’ (just as an example) story isn’t for everybody, but you don’t see the company building “the rest of their comic books” around it.

  12. @Ricco:
    Did you read Final Crisis Superman Beyond? First issue, plain as day, the origin of both the Monitor and Anti-Monitor. The Monitor overmind or whatever he’s called sends a probe to examine this universe he’s created. Because of the dual nature of good vs. evil in this universe, he splits. Very simple, but if you want to read more meaning into it, it’s there. Grant Morrison had talked about limbo in his Animal Man run, and the area beyond limbo there was our real world. He doesn’t explicitly spell it out for anyone like they’re a 6 year old, but it’s there if you want to actually put some thought into what you read. Like most good literature you get out of it what you put into it.
    As for loose ends… the story isn’t done yet, you know that right? The final issue doesn’t even come out until this coming morning.

  13. @wyntermute
    You shouldn’t (and don’t) need annotations to explain everything story-wise to you. The people who made them put them together fine themselves. They’re just fun ways to help you see things you might have otherwised missed. As I said, I’m not saying the story is for everyone, but as a culmination of 70 years of history, I think it makes sense that there should be references to a lot of old things some of which you may not have heard of, even tying up loose ends from some of those old stories.

  14. @Fearing: that crap has nothing to do with Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Monitor and Anti-Monitor where created by Krona looking at the begenning of time.

    This “Monitor overmind” is only ever talked about in Superman Beyond and has less then nothing to do with the previous Crisis.

  15. I have not read the whole final issue, but I “cheated” and read the last page because I wanted to see if G-Mo came through on his “First page is Anthro, and last page is Kamandi” idea…. Um… I don’t wanna be a spoiler of much, but I will say that is NOT Kamandi as I understood him to be. Seriously NOT. Maybe I’m missing something from the 70 years of DC history, but…. Um. No. That is not the Kamandi I am familiar with. And again, if the story is “not for everyone” it should not be the entire focus of the whole company. Just bad marketing if you ask me.

  16. Final Crisis: an event SO BIG, everything remains the same… lame!

    @~wyntermute~: It’s a spoilerboard dude I think you talk about it, it reminded me of that old educational tv show “where in time is Carmen Sandiego”

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