What’s Freddie Williams II Up To?



Freddie Williams II fired off one of his monthly emails where he wraps up the things that have preoccupied his life for the last couple of months.

Just finished Robin # 183… the final issue of Robin! Not just my final issue, it’s the LAST issue of the series! It’s 24 pages, and not only did I draw the whole issue and the cover, but I colored the cover and the last six pages! Feels great to have fun with experiments like that! Robin #183 will be out February 11, you can see more about it here:


What will I be working on next? A mini-series written by the notorious Matt Sturges, told from the villain’s point of view, call “RUN!” I just started on the rough layouts on the pages yesterday, so it’s still very early on, but I think the book will be a lot of fun!

After TWO YEARS in the making, my “How-To” book is FINALLY available for pre-order on Amazon! The release date is still a ways out, but I’m in the final edits, and just recently saw an early proof of the book, which is VERY exciting!

All worthy of checking out. Can’t wait to see Freddie’s How To book.

via Freddie Williams II