Top 300 Comics for December 2008


piechart.jpgDiamond Comic Distributors has released its breakdown of comics sold in December 2008.  As the year ended, Marvel once again rode the gravy train to success capturing almost 50% of the unit share, while DC limped in with a 31% showing.

With the low showing from the other publishers, it is a wonder they’ll survive with Diamonds new minimum order declaration.

The top seller of the month was the closing chapter of the Secret invasion, while the opening chapter to Dark Reign took third place.  DC wedged between the two with Final Crisis #5, and had a pretty decent showing in the number 6 and  spots with its Batman titles.

December saw the release of Dark Horse Comics Buffy the Vampire Slayer #20, which made it into the top 20, but the rest of the top 20 list is dominated by the big two.  The next best seller on the list that is not DC or Marvel came from IDW with its Angel: After the Fall series, which placed 64th, with an estimated 37,000 copies sold.

The complete listing can be found after the jump.

* – Combined multiple covers with same SRP.
** – Returnable Title. Order Index calculated at a reduced level to account
for possible returns.

via Diamond Comic Distributors