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  1. As cool as this story is and this issue imparticular, there aint no way in hell Wolvie is killing all the X-men.

    Still one of the best Wolvie stories since Enemy of the State IMO

  2. The “secret” was so very obvious, heck I figured it after reading the review of the second one in the series (with never having read any of the comics)

    This is what I said back in September: “I have not read a single issue I can guess that the big plot twist is that a mind controlled Wolverine killed all the heores thinking they were vilains.”

    Okay I was off on the all heroes part…

  3. **SPOILERS***

    Its the future and the villains have won.

    Wolvie is in the future chilling with a family as a farmer and he’s now a pacifist for some mysterious reason

    A blind Hawkeye comes and offers him a job

    They have a cross country adventure

    In this issue, Wolvie tells Hawkeye why he doesnt unsheath the claws anymore. Flashback to the night the villains win. Wolvie and Jube are monitoring shit like adventurers do. They get nothing from the Avengers or from the FF and then the shit hits the fan

    We see every crazy villain ever coming out of the woodwork. Just a crazy villain team-up and Wolive is ripping their asses. Cutting off limbs and heads and cutting every body.

    Panels of destruction later, it turns out to be Mysterio doing an illusion. Wolvie was pwning his own team of X-men!!!

    A great shot of a frozen beheaded Iceman and the Gambit shot was nice too

    I love this arc. But I’m a Wolvie fanboy.

  4. I’m not a “fanboy” and I like this arc. But I _am_ a fan of “science fiction”, and this loosely qualifies as such IMHO. :D At least, dystopian sci-fi.

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