The Brain Trusts in H’wood are at it again announcing a remake to the most awesome Karate Kid movie from 1984.  Now I love’s me the original movie, as I try convince the wife we need to watch it at least once a year (I think I have a secret Elizabeth Shue in a tight sweater complex).  I was okay with  The Next Karate Kid as it wasn’t a remake of the original, and featured hottie Hillary Swank in a tight sweater.

But remaking the classic Ralph Macchio/Pat Morita film just because the Brain Trusts can come up with an original idea simply sucks.  Ralph Macchio has finally aged, so bringing him back as the young lad who gets beat up on is out of the question, so the Brain Trusts are tapping Will Smith’s son Jaden for the part.  The only bright shining moment for this remake is the announcement that Jackie Chan is being courted to play the role of the zen master of karate – Mr. Miyagi.

I mentioned this remake to my wife last night, and knowing she isn’t the biggest fan of the movie, made the surprise comment of the week when she said, “This is our movie from our time.  Why would they remake this?”


The remake could begin shooting this year in Beijing.

via Hollywood Reporter


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  1. I always found the Karate Kid sequels to be out of order, somewhat. In the climax to #2, Daniel is in a fight with the grandson of Miyagi’s friend/enemy/friend again. Everything indicates the other guy will kill him if he loses. Then in the third movie, he’s all freaked out that this new guy is going to beat him up.

  2. I’m not sure which is more stunning: that they are stupid enough to try and remake an already incredible movie, or that you just called Hillary Swank a hottie.

  3. Sweep the leg, Johnny

    Fear does not exist in this dojo, does it?

    Damn, here I go on the Comcast On Demand again.

    “Your the best around, and noone’s ever gonna keep ya dowwwnnnnnn!!!”

  4. UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! They are going to piss on this series….why Jackie Chan?!?! He is great for comedy…but for something such as the Karate Kid can they not find someone else?!?!? Why a remake why not just a simple continuation of the story?? BLECK!!!

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