Newsarama has broken the story that both Wizard World LA and Wizard World Texas have cancelled their upcoming shows.

WizardWorld LA was scheduled for March 13-15 at the Los Angeles Convention Center; and Dallas for November 6-8. Newsarama confirmed the information about the L.A. show early Friday afernoon when a spokesperson for the L.A. Convention Center said that they that had been notified via voicemail on Friday morning that Wizard was canceling its show. Other sources have confirmed for Newsarama that the Texas show has been cancelled as well.

This is both something expected and a bit of a shock.  Wizard World LA is just a couple months away, and already had a line up of guests scheduled to appear.  Both shows were already preselling tickets, and presumably vendors have already placed and paid for booth space.  Considering the Wizard World shows haven’t had big showings outside of Chicago and possibly Philadelphia, and the recent “restructuring” the company has undergone in the last year, shutting down some its less attended shows in a time of economic crisis makes sense.

Some may remember the outcry that occured when Wizard World Atlanta tried to take over the weekend usually reserved for Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC.  Wizard quickly resolved the issue after a massive write in campaign, but I have to wonder if that blunder wasn’t the beginning of the end for Wizard World.

The Wizard World website still has the shows listed on its site, and is still claiming Stan Lee is the guest of honor at the LA event, so let’s see how this story develops.


Congers, NY (January 9, 2009) – Wizard Entertainment announced today that it has postponed its 2009 Wizard World Los Angeles show slated for March 13-15 and cancelled the Wizard World Texas show November 6-8 due to the current economic climate.

The successful Philadelphia and Chicago shows will go on as planned. Wizard World Philadelphia, featuring Guest of Honor Garth Ennis, is June 19-21 at the Philadelphia Convention Center and Wizard World Chicago, featuring comic legend George Perez, is August 6-9 at the Rosemont Convention Center.

For tickets and more information about Wizard World Philadelphia and Chicago, be sure to visit www.wizardworld.com.

What say you, Major Spoilers Legion, is this a big deal or not?

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  1. So I am in a bit of a shock since on Thursday I had just talk to someone over at Wizard about getting press pasts for my site ( comicimpact.com) For the up coming show here in Los Angeles.

  2. Since cons never come to my part of Canada, I could not give a flying fadoo if I even had a spare. It is an occasion for people to be separated from their cash, and cash is tight all around these days. Meh.

  3. “sigh” I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. L.A. just can’t hold a major Comic Convention.

    Wizard World was doing alright for themselves when they were in Long Beach, but once they made the move to the Los Angeles Convention Center it was the beginning of the end. Less people began coming and last year it was pretty badly put together and very underattended. Their big “Mega-star” last year was Summer Glau. I like Summer. I’ve actually had a chance to meet and talk with her and she seems quite nice, however she alone is not a HUGE enough name to draw thousands of fans to a con. Last year’s movie panel was very sad. There were no stars (and this is L.A.!), instead we had two Wizard staffers doing a slideshow.

    However, I wll miss making connections, seeing friends, and there were some nice memories (like my pal Chris meeting KISS, My Niece meeting Jim Lee, and “Outlook Grim” creator Black Olive and I having lunch across from Joe Quesada and Brian Bendis at Islands in Long Beach.) Adios Wizard World you were unorganized as hell, but ya weren’t all bad either.

  4. Its a bgid eal for artist such as myself, I live in San Diego and for almost 10 yrs now I cannot get a table, full price or small press or artist alley. WWLA was a great place to go as an artist, in fact I got my biggest breaks there… this is not good…

  5. I never made it to the Long Beach con, and haven’t been to WWTX, but I went to WWLA the last two years and had fun. It probably wouldn’t have been worth traveling a long distance, but it was a good con to drive up in the morning, hang out and look for stuff, then drive home in the evening — a lot like San Diego was when I was in high school (early 1990s). I’ve posted some more thoughts on this, if you’re interested.

  6. I’ve attended WW Philly for the past couple of years, and have found it to be an enjoyable time. By no means is it as accessible as Baltimore (where I finally got to meet Robert Kirkman). Yes, the producers insist on washed-up wrestler overload, the likes of Kevin Nash, Virgil, Eugene, and the Blue Meanie. Yes … the Blue Meanie.

    Wizard World is in trouble, the owner of my LCS works very closely with the Wizard people and he gets continually disgusted by them. Last year they told him that if he continued to book artists and creators at his booth, he would have to make Con goers purchase a VIP package. He gave them a hearty fuck you and booked guys at his own expense. In retaliation, all of his regulars were given exhibitor badges (myself included) and was on the Con’ floor each day before ANYONE else.

    Anyway … WWP isn’t bad. I mean I got to meet the beautiful Katee Sackhoof last summer.

  7. Well, I’m glad to hear that the Philly show is still on; that’s the only major con that comes to the city, and I wish there was another. Although, I gotta say this – Wizard needs to hire better security; Hells Angels, maybe, since they might not be as tyrannical as the jerks who run it now. But I feel sorry for the employees who are losing those gigs in Texas & LA. Hopefully something will fill any sort of con void left.

  8. My only Wizard World experience was WizardWorld Boston. What an aweful, bady set-up show that was. And it only happened once.

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