Marvel has announced Hulk #9 continues the series sell out record.  According to the company, the series continues to be a hit among fans as readers try to figure out who is the Red Hulk.

“This has been the greatest ride ever,” said series writer Jeph Loeb in a prepared statement. “Having Arthur Adams and Frank Cho join us for those three issues (and for some surprises to come!) was not only a great pleasure, but it kept the HULK right on top!  Be sure to come back next issue when Ed ‘Ed’ McGuinness returns!”

While Marvel hasn’t said this issue will go back to press, it did release the cover images to the upcoming Hulk #10 that features Hulk vs. Rulk (and a bunch of other fellows).

HULK #10 (DEC082373)
Written by JEPH LOEB
Pencils & 50/50 Covers by ED MCGUINNESS
Variant Cover by ART ADAMS


Hulk #10 arrives February 25, 2009 with a $3.99 price tag.  Of course if you want to get both covers, you’ll need to drop $8.00.

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  1. I don’t know what the deal is with all the hate surrounding this book. Personally, I think it’s loads of fun. The past three issues have been especially great, what with the guest stars and the over the top plot involving the Wendigos. All good fun, told in the old school, Marvel style.

  2. In case anyone cares, here’s the percentage difference compared to the previous issue.
    Hulk #8 – 90776 (-17%)
    Hulk #7 – 110261 (-06%)
    Hulk #6 – 117807 (+18%)
    Hulk #5 – 96347 (-05%)
    Hulk #4 – 101927 (+09%)
    Hulk #3 – 92487 (-01%)
    Hulk #2 – 93,725 (-30%)
    Hulk #1 – 134002

  3. Hooray! It’s that good old DEFENDERS that no-one asked for, reunited again in a flagrant abuse of continuity (despite the fact that one is trying to avoid the surface world, one is in deep space and another exiled himself for using his magic in trying to defeat the last one, whose brains have been scraped out with an ice-cream scoop), to bash up their new/old foes! Growly McFinHead! Granitt The 90s Axe Wielder! Baron Boring! And Not Forgetting The One Character Even More Forgettable Than Any Of The Others…whatsisname.

    Yes, it’s more roustabout entertainment from the ever-Jolly Jeph Loeb (whose nickname in the office is in fact ‘senile’ but he tries to bite us if we get too close so it’s jolly from now on, sorry, oh god get away Joseph. Please. We let you have the Ultimate Universe, what more can you OH GOD MY EEAAARRRR…)

  4. @ Salieri

    Have you read the upcoming Defenders/Offenders story? ‘Cause it’s one thing to dislike something that you’ve actually read. It’s another thing to dislike something based on something that you haven’t read, but have preconceived notions about.

  5. @ Ok

    Which is fine. If it’s not your bag, then it’s not your bag. What I’m talking about, are the ridiculous comments I see about things that haven’t in the book yet. Things like calling the Defenders’ upcoming appearance a “flagrant abuse of continuity,” when the specifics of said appearance are not yet known.

  6. @ Josh

    I understand the frustration about the hatred of this book. Loeb, as of late, hasn’t written anything spectacular, with the exception of Captain America: White #0. And in general, the writing style, as you said, is definitely old school, so it automatically won’t be palatable for everyone. But it’s good for any book to find an audience.

  7. Hulk is terrible. I stopped buying it after issue 7 when I determined that it was the printed version of dog poo. Loeb has lost his stroke, and I’m not going to continue to prop up Marvel’s margin by picking this up for the sake of …. well I don’t know. If you want a good title … pick up Incredible Hercules. Greg Pak kicks Loeb’s sorry ass …

  8. Stephen – Issues #6 and #7 had Turner tribute variant covers which is probably why they were higher than normal. #8 did not, it had a Buschema variant. Also keep in mind that those sales numbers (I’m sure are from the Beat) include 2nd and 3rd printings which aren’t known until at least a month after.

  9. Yeah, I realized about 10 seconds after posting they weren’t the Beat’s numbers (which track reprints). There were quite a number of books that seemed to take it on the chin in November. Uncanny shed ~11% from the previous month, Cable ~14%, Herc ~16.5%, Skaar ~21.5%, Thunderbolts ~16%, Guardians of the Galaxy ~ 16.5%, Young X-Men ~17%, Nova a whopping 26%, Captain Britain & MI13 ~21%, etc.

    The Hulk has a 3 part Defenders arc coming up and I’m guessing that’ll give it another boost in sales. After which Hulk #600 will be out and maybe a new status quo.

  10. The books are selling in record numbers because this rendering of the Hulk is a gimmick. It was supposed to be done in 5 issues, but they’re dragging it out because people are surprisingly buying the comic, hoping to dissect it for clues to Rulk’s identity. It is, in all honesty, badly written. It’s the writing style that appeals to third graders. I hope this comes to a conclusion in the near future, for the sake of the Hulk comic in general.

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