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  1. Alfred ftw!

    Okay so tell me where i go wrong…

    From the right:
    Hush..Damian Wayne…Kathy Kane…Punisherbatman..person…Two face..Night Wing…Butlerman…Harley what are you doing here?…Robin you look taller??

    And whos arm is that poking out of the crate?!

    BTW my money is on the giant penny and T-Rex taking the mantle. Notice how they were never explained yet they pop up in almost all incarnations of the Bat. Obviously they must transform into robots and fight crime, a secret contingency plan Bruce set up in case he died…Oh that man always two steps ahead.

  2. @Bruce

    I shall get of your lawn but only if you admit that 15 year is a reasonable amount of time passed and that it is not that rip-off-ish. Come on im only, im gonna enjoy this dont be grumpy. :)

  3. @Rowan

    Thats Hush he had surgery to look like Bruce Wayne..and the sword is actually a part of the bandages ..The Kid is Damian Wayne if i am not mistaken (Son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul)

  4. Both the penny AND the T Rex have explanations, but they’re way before most Spoilerites time. (Even mine, this time.)

    The giant penny is a trophy from a battle with (no joke) The Penny Plunderer from World’s Finest Comics #30 (which, ironically, I actually OWN, thanks to my mother’s boyfriend when I was younger.) The T Rex comes from Batman #256, an adventure on Dinosaur Island.


  5. I thought I had read an issue of Legends of the Dark Knight that showed where that big penny came from.

    Wouldn’t Batman #256 not even count? I though everything got reset when Batman 404 (Year One) rolled around.

  6. God help me, this actually looks kind of cool. Daniel’s art looks better than that cover, too, but that might just be because the picture is blurry.

    A) The “J” on the Joker card is backwards.
    B) The Batman with the yellow chest oval on the left has a bo staff, so that’s probably Tim. He seems to be wearing the Batman costume that Bruce wore when Tim became Robin.
    C) Harley, lamenting the Joker’s absence? Seems kind of crazy, but Daniel is definitely aware of all of Grant’s run so it’ll probably follow from that.
    D) Alfred Pennyworth, loaded for bear. He looks pretty great here, actually.
    E) Almost definitely Dick Grayson, wearing the Batman costume that Bruce wore when Dick first became Robin.
    F) RIP.
    G) Two-Face, no doubt, especially since he’s positioned right in front of the penny, and he’s covering what would be the scarred side of his face. Probably following up on his time as Gotham’s protector during 52, as shown in James Robinson’s “Face the Face” arc.
    H) Jason Todd (who else would have a costume that stupid with all those guns), apparently standing over the coffin of Wayne Enterprises. (Whose arm is that coming out of the coffin – Bruce’s? It looks like a woman’s…)
    I) Batwoman, apparently investigating something, judging by the magnifying glass. I doubt she’s actually battling for the cowl (and neither are Harley and Alfred), but she’ll probably play a fairly major role.
    J) Damian, lookin’ sly, tuggin’ on the bandage around the leg of…
    K) “Bruce Wayne”, who, judging by the bandage, is probably actually Hush, who performed plastic surgery on himself to look like Bruce Wayne back in the “Heart of Hush” arc in Paul Dini’s Detective Comics. I assume Damian’s using Hush to angle for a place in Bruce Wayne’s will, or a spot in Wayne Enterprises or something.

    Did I miss anything?

    can’t wait to see this event unfold:).If Bruce was just the real Bruce Wayne, then why would Vicki Vale be looking into the connections between Batman and Bruce Wayne’s disappearances in the Gotham Gazette special?Oracle’s wheel is behind Hush. I dont know what it symbolizes though. Maybe barbara’s walking again.

  7. It has to be Jason or detective lane The third batman from the recent 3 batman story and the issue 666 who mentioned working for the devil-Hurt? I honestly though lane would become the wearer of the suit of sorrows, because he never wanted to be evil and do evil, The trauman Dr Hurt put him through made him bad, if he became the new Azreal he could finally atone for his sins? wasn’t Detective lane Black? like the black guy who put on some suit in the recent issue of batman and the outsiders, which in turn, was a tie in to the overall RIP storyline.

  8. They never found Azrael’s body did they? Perhaps Wayne enterprises has a new janitor who keeps to himself?

    Also if that is Tim on the left why is he so big? If not then who else?

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