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The Tangent Universe is one of those fifth week events that introduced a new group of heroes from a parallel – or rather a tangent – universe.  We were introduced to the likes of the Green Lantern, Flash, and others, who had similar powers but were not the heroes we know. Tangent Earth is nothing like New Earth.  Sure it has the same land masses, the similar characters, but on New Earth, Superman hasn’t taken control of the planet and isn’t subjugating his will on everyone.  So what happens when Harvey Dent (Tangent Earth Superman) makes his way to New Earth?

Some really bad  stuff.

supermansreign10cover.jpgTrapped in the Tangent Universe, many of New Earth’s heroes, including Green Lantern, Flash, and Batman, have teamed with the outlaw heroes and are attempting to make their way home to battle to help stop Harvey Dent.  But in order to get the extra power they need to combat Tangent Superman, they’ll need a little favor from his ex-wife, Lola Dent.
It’s an interesting ploy by Batman as he and the others go before a being who is as equally powered as the foe they are trying to defeat, especially when they don’t know if she will turn on them or not.  Batman reckons that since they are divorced, she has something against Harvey.  As idyllic as Tangent Earth might be (no crime, no starvation, no want), Harvey took his powers too far and imposed his ultimate will on everyone.  That was too much even for Lola, so she agreed to look the other way in order to keep her life.  Some smooth talking by the Caped Crusader is enough to convince her to aid the heroes of both Earths in order to prevent the same events from happening on Earth Prime.

Meanwhile, on Earth Prime…

Harvey has kidnapped the world leaders and is holding them hostage until everyone agrees to acknowledge his supremeness.  It’s a plot that’s been tried time and time again, and each time, the villain is defeated by a team of heroes.  Harvey is aware of this issue, and is more than willing to concede that even his might may not be enough to defeat the combined might of both worlds.  The logical choice would be to recruit pawns to take on the initial onslaught, and he does just that, bringing in the likes of Black Manta, Joker, Lex Luthor, Faust, Poison Ivy, and more.  It’s like Villains United all over again!

Meanwhile, the portal between worlds has been breached, thanks to the combined powers of the heroes from both worlds.  While the Bleed looks like it is going to be the method characters will use to travel between worlds in the new DC multiverse, Hal Jordan explains that the power ring method used here takes too much energy to make this a recurring method of travel.  This is a nice out should DC decide the Tangent Universe is too much to deal with on an ongoing basis, but still leaves it open should an annual world crossing event be needed.

The series is coming to a close, with only two more issues to go.  It is assured we are going to see the battle to end all battles next issue, that will conclude with some shocking imminent death moment, only to be resolved by issue #12.

Tangent: Superman’s Reign has been a really good run.  It’s a chance for readers new and old to revisit the multiverse crossovers again, and do it in a stand alone way that, currently, has not effect on the goings on in rest of DC continuity.

This issue featured a lot of stand around talking moments that tended to be a bit boring after the third page, but when the action finally kicks in, it makes for some awesome moments, that I wouldn’t mind seeing brought to life in some future hero movie.  The art by Carlos Magno is good, and gives the vibe that it is a mix between John Byrne and Jack Kirby.

While other issues have asked the reader to reflect on the benefits of having a despot take over the world in exchange for peace, or the watering down of individual freedoms, this issue didn’t have a lot of critical thinking moments.  This is okay, but having those questions poised to the reader, caused this series to bring a little something more to the table.  Tangent: Superman’s Reign #10 is not my most favorite issue of the series, but still earns a respectable 3 out of 5 Stars.




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  1. I’ve enjoyed the Tangentials so much that I took the time to track down the original 5th week runs. It’s a pretty awesome idea, if you ask me, to “recast” the names (Flash pertaining to light, not lightNING, etc) and some of the “new” heroes are cooler than the originals… I’m looking at you, Manhunter.

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