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  1. Oh yeah….tease us with a new person under the cole and reveal that person as someone who noone would be able to guess (*cough*ronin*cough*jackpot*cough*)

  2. I have the preview of the next BP tease: Is YOUR MAMA the new Black Panther? (Sorry, I had an elementary flashback…)

  3. I don’t like the idea of anyone being the Black Panther other than T’Challa. That said, Shuri (T’Challa’s sister who competed with him for the title) would be the logical replacement. Aside from her, the Dora Milajae are the only other female Wakandan super warriors already in continuity. I agree that Marvel should not introduce an arbitrary new person. Storm is not Wakandan and really needs to hang out with the X-Men for a while.

    @ Stephen (from the other post where you compared Shuri to Marvel all of a sudden introducing a sister for Steve Rogers): Your comparison doesn’t ring true because the BP mantle is about lineage. Steve Rogers’ genealogy is irrelevant to his story. But T’Challa’s family history IS the crux of the character. Folks might not like that Hudlin introduced a sister, but I liked how her introduction gave the Wakandan/Black Panther mythos a realistic chauvinistic edge. Besides, the Black Panther lineage includes girl children, and surely some were worthy of the mantle if not for gender discrimination. There’s a story there.

    At least Hudlin was rounding out the Wakandan back story and not relying on tendency to isolate and under develop characters of ethnic origin. I personally hated the introduction of not one but TWO daughters for Black Lightning, but then I thought about how improbable it would be for a Presidential Cabinet member (Secretary of Education) to NOT have a spouse and kids. Same goes for Prince T’Challa. Every other royal family in the Marvelverse has intrigue, infighting, and sibling rivalry. Methinks there is a sinister reason why so many fanboys resist Hudlin’s fleshing out the Panther.

  4. It’s going to be Stark.

    With all the random shite they have put him through Post-civil war, wouldn’t really be surprised..

    Then every 6 months he reveals it’s really him then 2 months later he says it’s not him and everyone mysteriously still believe him each time.

  5. Methinks there is a sinister reason why so many fanboys resist Hudlin’s fleshing out the Panther.

    ‘Cause fanboys are all racist and chauvinistic bigots (with probably a touch of homophobia mixed in there for good measure) … ? I mean, what other sinister reason could there be, right?

    I mean, if people don’t like Black Panther, you know, because he’s black and that’s the ‘typical white person’ response to people of color) then they probably just don’t like a female Black Panther because she’s black and a woman! Is that what you’re trying to say, man … ?

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