Hellbillies and Deadnecks


Poor Bruce Campbell Ash.  He’s been to hell and back, been sent to witness the birth of the Marvel Zombies, and has kicked it a time or two with Xena.  After many blood filled adventures, it finally looks like our hero has found a bit of peace guarding the Necronomicon in a far off mountain watchtower.

armyofdarkness15cover.jpgThe many months have taken their toll on poor Ash.  Having read through all the comic books available, consumed all the stock supplies, and going all Cast Away with his chainsaw, which has the familiar markings of Wilson on the blade, Ash decides it is time to head down the mountain to fetch supplies from the nearby town.

Now what kind of Army of Darkness story would it be if Ash were able to lead an idyllic life?  As he ventures closer to town, he witnesses the effects of having the Necronomicon in the area.  Deadite squirrels might be easy to take down, but when the entire town of Mountain Springs is converted into an army of the damned, it’s time to get the heck out of there.

But things are never that easy for our hero, as a group of vacationers arrive and the two youngest need some rescuing.  With the parents dead, Ash attempts to help them out, but a whack to the head, and the two teenagers mistaking a cabin in the woods for Ash’s cabin in the woods, leads to the stories big cliffhanger.  The group has walked in on a cabin filled with some backwoods hillbillies doing what hillbillies do; namely maimin’ an’ murderin’, an’ prob’ly some canabilismin’.

Trapped between a rock and a hard place, it’s seems clear that being with a bunch of twisted hill folk is better than being attacked by the reanimated dead who want to eat your brains and heart.  My guess is the next issue will feature a big misunderstanding before the living all decide to work together to fend off the next attack by the undead.

Army of Darkness and the character made famous by Bruce Campbell is one of my favorite movies of all time.  It’s a heck of a lot of fun to watch and experience the cheese factor in this low budget horror flick.  I’m a bit torn on the comics though. On the one hand, a really good writer can bring the beloved character to life in a way that makes the reader believe they are reading the continuing adventures of Ash.  Other writers, however, end up writing their version of a slasher comic, wedging the requisite character names and situations to satisfy a contract.

Unfortunately, this story arc seems to fall in the later category.  That’s not to say readers won’t enjoy the tale, just don’t expect witty lines, shocking jump in your seat moments, or the feeling that you’ve never seen something like this before.  The art on the other hand is really good.  The facial expressions may be a tad over exaggerated in spots, but overall, I found myself enjoying the art more than the story.  Army of Darkness #15 isn’t a terrible comic, but it isn’t a great one either.  Most of you would put it in the ‘meh’ category.  Thus, Army of Darkness #15 earns a very middle of the road 2.5 Stars.




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