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  1. …They should have just got Jason Aaron as full-time writer, and put Hudlin on a book which plays to his strengths better.

  2. The Dora Mijale are the Adored Ones, Black Panther’s personal femaled badass bodyguards. They were a pretty cool concept when Christopher Priest introduced during his BP fun.

  3. I saw that and said, “What if Dora the Explorer is the Black Panther?” And then I said a silent prayer that someone will make the poster for me. :)

  4. As long as she is of African decent I don’t give a rat-@ss who she is. The name Black Panther should not be used by a caucasian, because of what the Black Panther movement stood for.

    My guess is that the Black APnther is simply Ororo Monroe, Storm.

  5. @Ricco: The creation of Marvel’s Black Panther character is in no way related to the Black Panther movement other than chronological overlap. Waaaay back to the early 70’s, there was brief a period when Marvel changed T’Challa’s name to the “Black Leopard” so as to lessen the confusion.
    At that time there was no way a mainstream company like Marvel wanted to be known as sympathizers to militants.

    But after a few issues, they recognized that the comic character was established enough to be distinguished from the movement. So in an either an Avengers or Fantastic Four book, T’Challa formally changed his name back to BP, stating that his heritage as the BP of Wakanda was centuries older than the American Black Panthers. Of course, Marvel was careful not to actually state the Black Panthers by name, so T’Challa only spoke of malcontents or revolutionaries or some other vague term like that. The main point is, Marvel distanced itself from making a statement one way or another about the civil rights struggles of that time.

    P.S. the Dora Mijale is a great concept that I hope remains intact. Even with a female BP, the Dora Mijale are still her consecrated bodyguards, so the new BP better not be one of them. It should be T’challa’s sister who competed for the BP title at the start of the Hudlin run.

  6. It’s Stephanie Rogers, Cap’s long lost sister who always tagged along on his adventures but always out of sight.

    She got a smaller dose of the Super -Soldier Serum from a blood tranfusion from Cap on a battlefield traige, NO, I did NOT rip this off from She-Huk’s origin.
    OK, I did.

    She dove in the ocean after Cap when he got frozen in the ice. Just recently, she was washed ashore.

    See, I too can write off-panel retcons.

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