Seems like there are too many large story arcs for me to keep track of.  Following this week’s final Secret Invasion, the Marvel universe goes into Dark Noir, while X=Men head to Manifest Destinty.  Eternals #7 kicks off a three part X-Men: Manifest Destiny tie-in story when it arrives January 7, 2009.  The issue is written by Charles and Daniel Knauf with art by Erick Nguyen.

“The Knaufs have really gotten this book firing on all cylinders,” raves Paul Brian McCoy of Eternals. “Characterizations are consistent, the dialogue is believable, when there are jokes, they are funny, and there are some truly cosmic touches that bring the narrative to a higher thematic level.”

ETERNALS #7 (NOV082372)
Pencils & Cover by ERIC NGUYEN

As the Eternals wage war against each other in San Francisco, it’s time for the X-Men to save the city in X-Men/Eternals: Manifest Destiny, beginning in Eternals #7! But will the X-Men join Ikaris…or battle him? Enter Eternals #7, kicking off a special three part X-Men: Manifest Destiny tie-in storyline, as the Eternals’ civil war goes to the next level and threatens to engulf all of the western United States!


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  1. You know a book is in trouble when Wolverine is on the cover and he has NOTHING to do with the premise of the comic book in question.

    The Eternals property has once again been completely mishandled by the BRILLIANT management of Joke Quesada. The Eternals were created by Jack Kirby and it was a very cool idea – unfortunately Marvel management back in the late 1970’s even screwed up it’s initial run by forcing Jack Kirby to make ridiculous changes to the book.

    While Daniel Acuna is a great artist, the colorist on this book has NO IDEA WHAT THEY’RE DOING. The writing is just horrid. I’ve never been so bored by a comic.

  2. looks cool. art-wise, Eric Nguyen fits the bill for cosmic stuff. BTW, what is this Dark Noir you speak of, is it that Marvel Noir and Dark Reign crossover again? man, you torment me!

  3. Gaiman’s take on the limited restart series was really good.
    So good I got suckered into buying the first few issues of the ongoing

    Big mistake

    Why does Marvel do this shit??

    The XMen are selling better than ever so lets do a cross over with a shitty book and try to get it’s sales up???

    I will not fall for this again…I’m talking to you New Warriors

  4. The book is okay and much better than the bizarre reimagining in the rebot mini IMO. I’m not Acuna’s biggest fan but I do like his art better than the glorified stick figures the mini used as well. I keep trying to drop thebook to be frank and yet I keep buying the next issue!

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