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  1. While there has been a ton of Zombie floating around its because people have been craving it and instead of getting shafted actually getting rewarded.

    Zombies are inherently a geek thing and many of the great writers, directors etc etc are all geeks so when the suits notice that the undead is a source of money, the clever creators get almost complete freedom to experiment.

    Books like WWZ, Movies like the 28 series and Shaun of the Dead (Partially responsible for this new outbreak) and games like L4D (Which I’m having tons of fun with right now) are the shit (In the most positive meaning of the word) whereas the more rare Vamp-flick-movie-game tend to
    Well…Suck massively (haha)…Twilight come on???

    Zombies are in their groove and should stay there, if you are tired of them just don’t buy zombie comics/games/merch. Vamps on the other hand need to go away and have a new resurgence because this one is going in the wrong direction.

    Werewolves are starting to show some potential at least movie wise, with some intriguing stuff coming up.

    Don’t let the Youtube comment of some random guys that noticed that there’s a lot of Zombie stuff going round lately shape your feelings towards these jolly green people.

  2. there’s no ‘none of the above’. i don’t hate any genre, but there’s an overflow of each of these and i get tired of it. but, give me a good vampire/zombie/werewolf and i’ll buy it. like bite club or walking dead.

    and left 4 dead (for PC) rules.

  3. There’s no doubt that Walking Dead is one of the best comics out right now, but there’s a whole lot of other Zombies (I’m lookin’ at you, Marvel) that’ve worn out their welcome and caused the whole genre to seem a bit over-played …

    Every zombie book but Walking Dead could go away and the genre would be better off for it.

  4. I voted for vampires, and then came to the comment section to rant on vampires, but Lifeisaglitch just said almost everything I was thinking already! Well put, Lifeisaglitch!

    If I were to add anything, it would be the question of versatility. People have taken some different and interesting approaches to the zombie story recently, but vampire stories always feel the same…. totally lame.

    The only way to make a vampire cool, is to make it a zombie vampire.

  5. I hate to say but zombies have been done to death, no pun intended.

    On a side note, what comic does the vampire chick in the above picture come out in.

  6. Jacin B. has it right. TWD is excellent. There are too many bad zombie stories.

    However, I voted for vampires. They suck. I don’t mean to sound cross, but they drive me batty. It gives me a coffin fit to think about how often writers go to the vampire well for stories.

  7. I just thought I would quickly add a really interesting read. It is an article written by Simon Pegg (Shaun of Shaun of the Dead) ostensibly as a review of a BBC mini series about zombies. He has quite a lot to say about zombies in general that I think is really interesting, so take a look if you like.


    And one more thing….everywhere I go I evaluate the potential the location can be defended against the dead. Granted, I am crazy, but still I don’t spend my time looking for crosses and silver bullets. That would be silly. But a good locale from which to fight off the hordes of living dead? Prudent.

  8. Of course that’s prudent, Tom. Vampires and werewolves are merely the creations of superstitious peasants of the middle ages that’ve been capitalized on by movie makers and other entertainment peddlers. Zombies, on the other hand and in spite of their recent surge in popularity in the various avenues of entertainment, are entirely real …

  9. Good bye and good riddance zombies. I cannot get over how stupid and rediculous the subject is getting. Between the T-Virus in resident evil, the fall out drones in 28 weeks later, I just can’t wait for someone to finally finda way to permanently kill zombies.

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