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  1. Where’s Doctor Bong and Beverly Switzler?
    Oh, wait……they made that marriage go away.
    Damn you Bill Mantlo, damn you.

  2. If this ends up being a story about any of the characters on there (with the slight exception of Wolverine and Phoenix) I’m gonna $h!+ a brick…

    Tool that I am though, I’ll probably cry as I read it.

  3. Rowan: Because the writers have a man-crush on Logan and will do anything to please him?

    Seriously, did they run out of couples? Cause it looks like they were going for famous ones. I guess you could have had Peter and MJ if they hadn’t f825 it up. My opinion is that we’re getting a Jan/Hank story since the other couples seem tacked on.

  4. I’m hoping this is the Marvel heroes getting over seeing the people they have loved and lost replaced by Skrulls who were trying to trick them.

    Although I feel the worst for Hawkeye, I always enjoy seeing Wolverine’s Jean Grey scar opened yet again.

    In the context of Secret Invasion, the Wasp-Pym confrontation should be fun, but, as a big Inhumans fan, I want to see Black Bolt and Medusa reconcile. That would be great drama

  5. “Find out more in DARK REIGN: NEW NATION!”

    Well, I might have done that, Marvel, had you guys given any indication whatsoever as to what DARK REIGN would be about. Instead, I’m two months into ordering books with no information whatsoever — and, consequently, two months into buying almost no 616-based titles.

    If you guys had even =teased= that there might be a reunion of four of these five couples before I had to file my orders, I’d have gladly bought the whole mishegas. Instead, someone who should have been one of your happiest customers (especially if the happy couple in question just happen to be founding Avengers!) is going to sit on the sidelines for this event, cursing and spitting upon it, because you chose to force him to order blind if he wanted in. Nice marketing plan.

  6. YKW,

    Dude, there have been TONS of teases about this. Do you read Marvel Previews? They’ve been talking about Dark Reign since September. It’s no different than the end of Civil War when they didn’t say what the Initiative was exactly until the last issue. I don’t see why if you are one of Marvel’s “happiest” customers, you don’t seem to pay much attention to the clues, hints, and interviews they’ve been doing, much less the catalog they put out…

  7. Me, I just LOOOOOVE preview images made up of photoshopped combined images. What I don’t get is how Marvel has artists working for them, but just slap together images by different artists… amateur hour, man.

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