NBC announced its midseason lineup yesterday, and while the network has stated Heroes will return in February, no start date was attached.  Compare that to Knight Rider, which is getting a series reboot, and a confirmed January 7th start date.  There are a couple of reasons both Chuck and Heroes are being vaguely scheduled for a February launch; the first being two reality contest shows the network wants to try out, and the other being those really low ratings.

On the plus side, it looks like Pushing Daisies may get the axe from ABC, which means show creator Bryan Fuller might be able to make a return to Heroes.  Fuller is currently exclusive to Daisies, and if the show is cancelled, he has expressed intrest in returning to NBC.

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  1. Even worse, the best sci-fi show on TV (Battlestar Galactica isn’t currently airing so technically it’s not “on” TV), Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles, reached an all time low with it’s previous episode. Which is really too bad because it has the potential to be a truly great sci-fi series. One of the major problems is that networks execs want to do sci-fi shows on the cheap and with Terminator you especially CANNOT DO THAT. Therefore, it’s impossible to feature the T-1000 character played by Shirley Manson very often.

    I left “Heroes” after the end of Season 1 because the finale never lived up to the build up and then Season 2 was just an unmitigated disaster. And Kring thinks his fans are a bunch of AND I DIRECTLY QUOTE HIM “d*p-sh*ts”

    So all of you former “Heroes” fans should give Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles a 3-episode shot. It’s really good sci-fi.

  2. Creep is right but this was along time coming, so good for Heroes.

    Oh and Cory the dipshit thing in context makes sense, since he is just talking about people that cant use other anything other than a regular tv-setup to watch -programs- and ofc the execs that are to shortsighted to do anything about it and developing a new market.

    —–Important regarding Heroes——– (Directed at Cory)

    Also season two, not their fault, strike remember.

    Season one finale did suck major ass though.

    Season 3 is really good. Do yourself a favor and watch it on their website. No reason to hate on a show thats admitting fault and actually taking advice and bettering itself, just because it had to better itself. (also it may start of slow but it gets better each episode after the “break out”)
    Right now im actually enjoying it more than Terminator..which is sorta surprising me.

    And YES! Terminator is an awesome series, though im not digging this season main villain. Just about everything else in this seaosn is better than the 1st though.

  3. the recent problems i have with heroes is Jeph Loeb I think. Maybe I’ll like it better with him off the show. I’ll keep with it until I’ve had enough.

    Terminator: SCC is fantastic. I cant say enough good things about it. The writing has been good. The characters have been good. Brian Austin Green keeps my wife happy (90210 addict she that she is) and Summer Glau keeps me happy (Serenity freak that I am).

    I never gave pushing Daisies (or Elli Stone) a good chance but I plan on catching up on DVD or Hulu (if they’re there) ASAP

  4. Heroes is disappointing…there are some interesting twist in the plot, but the serie is a let down at the moment. I mean, I never expected something realistic in a tv-serie about people with superpowers, but there are so many points of logical mistakes etc….the whole direction during the first season and after the final was stupid (for example, i really liked the wish of Claire to help people after the events of the first season…but something like that was never mentioned again -.-)…but “Fugitives” gives me a little bit hope

  5. Bryan Fuller needs to be the “Heroes” hero. THe episodes he did in season 1 were among the best in the series. Still I’ll be a bit sad to see Pushing Daisies go. I didn’t think it was brillian or a mazing like others may have thought it was, butit was a fun show.

  6. Well we’re not getting Terminator here at the moment. Granted this is Tasmania, but lately popular shows like Heroes and..um, other stuff I can’t name because I don’t watch any of them are prioritised to show here as quickly as possible. Although Fringe was dropped for some damn Simon Baker thing :(

    I haven’t been crticising the makers of Heroes for the direction it’s gone in but I have started to see cracks and quite frankly wouldn’t miss it if it goes away (just as long as it’s not just here). I think of it as not that great but it’s basically a not great version of X-Men on TV. The important thing is it’s X-Men. It’s also turned into a Soap Opera. Nathan, and Peter’s father is alive. He’s also Gabriels father by the way, and althogh he was bad, now he’s good, although he is turning bad again (Gabriel that is). Is Sylar really that popular that they need to make him legitimate by turning him good?. Oh and Peter was sort of evil, though he’s gone back to good, as a result of super amnesia, although he had the real kind last season. It’s all over the place. The first season was going somewhere, even if it did finish off weakly, and the second season collapsed for reason beyond their control (got to love leaving a minor character in an alternate reality that won’t happen and forgetting about her :) ). I can’t really see where the hell this season is going. We’e up to Daddy Petrelli grabbing Hiro’s head in Africa, and the schedule says tonight the finale. That probably just means they’ll stop bothering to show it until they have whatever episodes are left in one night before the 4th season starts, if it does.

    I’d also like to say I think their use of characters is strange. All the characters seem like main characters and yet they will suddenly stop appearing on the show at all. Mika was dropped once his mother died and his father was already dead, but they do a bit of that soap opera stuff again and return an actress because it turns out she’s a secret lost twin (triplet?). Black Taskmaster and the rest of Mikas family are happily dropped from sight. I was surprised they brought him back for a tiny bit of one episode just to introduce the new characters history. Adam Munroe comes back for one epsiode only to actually be killed off. I can’t off hand think of any other series where actors that were on the show are asked to come back but despite having been major characters they barely last 5 minutes. I vaguely think that the actor playing Mika did some movie that kept him busy. I’m not sure.

  7. “Pushing Daisies” officially got the ax this past Sat. along with two other shows on ABC. Fuller has stated that he’s in talks with DC to possibly do some mini-series to put closure on the storyline and also in talks for a movie a la “Serenity”. I’m actually liking Heroes now, but if anything happens to it, I can live. “Chuck” on the other hand, I love this show and it would be a travesty if it got cancelled.

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