Gift cards suck.  No one wants to give or receive a pair of socks.  And heaven forbid you rush out the night before the big gift exchange day in a desperate attempt to find that special something.   This holiday season, Major Spoilers brings you our rundown of holiday gifts that will rock that special pop culture loved one’s world.

10.  Slave Leia Poster (www.thinkgeek.com)

Enhance that fan boy wet dream with this poster that can hang over the bed.
Price:  $8.99

09.  56 Geeks Poster (www.myextralife.com)

There’s a geek in all of us, and Scott Johnson from Extra Life has put 56 of them together into a giant poster that would look great in anyone’s office, game room, or comic lair.
Price:  $29.99

08.  Superhero T-Shirts

Back in the day it wasn’t cool to wear a superhero t-shirt, but today comic hero properties are a big deal.  Almost every mall has a store that features some kind of superhero clothing, at an affordable price.  If you can’t find the right size, go online where everything from double extra small to triple extra large can be ordered.
Price:  $15 – $30

07.  Doctor Who Merchandise

Believe it or not, Doctor Who is as big a deal today as it was thirty years ago.  This is one of those gifts that you need to make sure your loved one really is a fan of, or you could get some strange looks on gift giving day.  Hot gifts for the Doctor Who fan include the Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver or Master Laster Screwdriver ($16.99), a Doctor Who TARDIS 4 Port USB Hub ($29.99), and the radio controlled Dalek ($179.99).  If you are a person that is handy with tools, get some lumber and build your own life size TARDIS for the backyard.  http://www.relative-dimensions.net/
Price: $17 – $200

06.  Comic book themed DVDs

This one is pretty low on the list because chances are the person you are looking to by a gift for already snatched up the hot DVDs (iron Man, Dark Knight, Incredible Hulk, and so on), the day the DVDs hit the street.  Instead of the mainstream, why not go for the obscure titles like Art School Confidential, A History of Violence, Road to Perdition, of The Fountain.  Tastes will vary, so check with your pop culture enthusiast to find out if that is something they’d be interested in.
Price:  $14-$35.

05.  Statues


Graphic novels and subscriptions are nice, but a statue says so much more.  Statues and busts have been made of just about every comic book, manga, and anime property, so finding the right one shouldn’t be a problem.  Costs vary from hundreds of dollars for a high quality polystone full body statue, to $50 for a bust or large plastic kit, all the way down to $20 for a full on plastic model.  If your local comic shop doesn’t carry any statues, head over to Sideshow Collectibles, Amazon.com or eBay for good deals.
Price:  $20 – $1,000

04.  High Quality Prop Replicas and Life Sized Statues


Statues have always been a nice safe gift for the comic collector, but you can kick it up a notch with a prop replica.  Everything from Iron Man’s helmet to a full sized Robby the Robot can be had if the price is right.  Because these are life size, expect to pay more than a normal statue.  You’ll also need to keep in mind these are for display purposes only, and not for playing around with.

On the low end, a Stargate SG1- Replica Mirror will set you back $50.00, but if you’re thinking of running out and buying a Robby the Robot, you better have $17,000 lying around.   If you look hard enough, you’ll find a life size Superman or Batman statue for $3,000.  On average expect to pay between $150 and $400 for a really good prop like Magneto’s helmet.
Price:  $50 – $17,000

03.  FatHeads (www.fathead.com)


If you can’t afford a life sized statue of a superhero, the next best thing is a life sized poster of your favorite hero.  But FatHeads are not your everyday poster; these are are stickers that adhere to your wall.  When applied, it looks like a professional came into your home and painted the image on the wall.  Unlike paint, this wall art peels off when you are tired off it, or if you’re moving, it can easily go up in your new digs.
Price:  $139.00

02.  Original Art


Depending on the gift receivers taste, you might want to investigate getting them one of the rarest forms of comic collecting – original art.  The prices can range from a few bucks to thousands of dollars.  You probably won’t be buying any Alex Ross art this holiday season, but if web comics are a favorite, original art is fairly cheap.  Many of these series sell daily strips for $75 and weekend strips for $100.  You’ll have to take care when searching for original web comic art, as some people create completely digitally and sell prints instead of the original work of art.
Price:  $50 – $10,000

01.  Absolute Watchmen


With the movie just around the corner, interest in the source material is at an all time high.  Go beyond the normal softcover graphic novel, and show that special someone in your life you really care by getting the Absolute Watchmen edition.  This hard bound tome is oversized, so you’ll be able to dive deep into the panels, plus it is filled with added extras to keep you entertained until the March release.
Price: $75.00


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  1. I wish I had loved ones to buy me the Absolute Watchmen…. :( Man, I hate the xmas season. *goes to find some rum-laced ‘nog*

  2. Does anyone know where to get Superhero jigsaw puzzles???

    Anything more than 100 piece?

    I have a strange weakness for jigsaw puzzles (probably some deep seeded issue I should be seeing a professional about but…) and I cant find anything for adults.

    I want like 500-1000+ piece

    any help would rock ass

  3. thanks Stephen

    thats the only one I found too

    oh well, maybe i can find a place to cut my own for me and just use a poster i have

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