People I didn’t like: The dealer who got in your way and barked, “Excuse me, but I’ve got a trivia question for you!”. The art dealer I overheard loudly and insultingly taking a guy to task over the original art he was trying to sell:  “Take another look at your pages,  then come back and ask  me again how much you want for them.”  He actually laughed in the guy’s face. The guy at the booth with the plush toys strewn about the place like a kid’s bedroom who had no listed prices so he could jack them up if interest was shown in anything. Emily was interested in a small Wonder Woman beanbag toy but because it was “from the WB Store” he had to start a sales pitch spiel on it, with, of course, a boosted price for the piece of junk (Sarah knew it was worthless, because we threw a bunch of them out a while back because no one wanted them and they were worth jack turd on e-bay. The folks who didn’t realize they were scaring our daughter by trying too hard to talk to her. The people asking creators for sketches while said creators were standing in the aisle talking to their friends. Those two yelling  jagoffs in the bathroom.  The creepy guy with his sketchbook full of his characters, talking about nude versus clothed con sketches he was getting people to do (“Just make it sexy, you know, innovate!”. Ugh.) Myself for being there and forcing my child to endure some stuff Dante cut out of his book for being too “uncomfy”. All the bastards who seemed unaware that other people exist in the world, cannot hear the words “excuse me” or “watch your back, please”, and think backpacks are force fields that keep them safe from annoying people who dare to try to walk through an aisle. The Stormtroopers, who more and more have grown a sense of some sort of entitlement at these things to be in the way, walk in front of people, block not only aisles but the goddamned street outside the hotel, what do they think they are, security? They’re idiots in hard-plastic adult Underoos, fer chrissakes. Oh, and, finally  —


Evan Dorkin on how much he liked The National Convention.

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