and Cthulhu and mad scientists and a bunch of stupid people


I can’t believe I’m still reading, yet alone reviewing, this series from DC Comics.  The premise is simple; Superman and Batman taking on Vampires and Werewolves.  It’s too bad the first two issues were missing one of the title characters.  Does this issue deliver the goods as the title proclaims?  And then some.  In this case, though, it isn’t a good thing.

smvw3cover.jpgThree issues in, and we finally get to see Superman on the scene.  Too bad he has to battle a Lovecraftian tentacled snail monster, as the Man of Steel is vulnerable to all things that are magical in nature.  I don’t mind the lengthy explanation of this bit of trivia by the vampire narrator, as there are a number of people who are still unawares of this weakness.

And that Lovecraftian monster?  It really is a Lovecraft monster, as Dimeter explains all the tales we’ve read by the master are true.  I like this aspect of the story, but a giant tentacle monster appearing in a book called Superman and Batman vs. Vampires and Werewolves seems wedged in for effect.  What’s next; aliens, witches, and zombies?  Don’t get me wrong, I really dig the concept of a book called Superman and Batman vs. Vampires and Werewolves, it’s the execution that fails.  All these other monsters, and having other heroes team up with Batman for two issues until Superman arrives here, make it seem like the writer is overcompensating for something.

As Batman and Dimeter go off to chase down Dr. Combs, Superman battles the giant monster, but each time he’s about to lay waste to the creature, a citizen gets in harms way, and Boy Scout Superman has to fly in and save them.  I don’t know if Kevin VanHook is trying to play it off as comedy or not, but each time Superman gets that “gosh darn it, the giant monster got away again – have a good day citizens!” moment it comes off really goofy, making VanHook’s interpretation of Superman a character that is too goody goody to even “accidentally” allow a vampire to die.

Sure enough, by issues end, Superman has once again disappeared, presumably to chase down Dr. Combs, who I thought Batman and Dimeter were after, while Jason Blood and Green Arrow appear to help the duo take down a wild gang of vampires.

Over the top?  Yes.  Confusing as hell?  In places. Worst thing I’ve ever read? No, there are at least two other titles that deserve that title.

Reading this mini-series is like watching a train wreck in slow motion.  You see what is about to happen and as much as you want to turn away, you can’t. I like a good horror tale, but come on!  This series is a joke.  If you’re a sadist, keep giving DC your $2.99.  Superman and Batman vs. Vampires and Werewolves earns a 1 Star rating only because of the forced Lovecraft moments.




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  1. Holy cow! You’re a god among men for reading this schlock and taking time to blog on it. Hat’s off to you!!!

    Haven’t bought this roll of toilet paper, but leafing through it in the store, it’s reminded me of those awful last five years of the World’s Finest Comics in which Joey Cavalleri or some other d-list wannabe writer hooked up with some other candy ass artist and shit a red S and black bat on a few pages and called it a story…and me – the World’s Finest Sucker for DC books – bought every one of them.

    It’s tough times when you can’t sell old X-Men books for much more than cover price on E-Bay. I’ve often wondered what kind of interest my old schlock books would have out there, and based on your reviews and my thumbing through these issues, I’m thinking the answer may be coming to any local 50 cent bin near you.

  2. I keep saying I’m not going to continue to review it, but seeing as how it keeps arriving in my mailbox, I somehow feel compelled to keep reading it, almost as if some Terror from Beyond was controlling my mind…

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